Second Amendment Manufacturers/Distributors List Refusing LE/Govt Sales

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    Below is an email that I sent to all my non libtard contacts. I know that the first part is preaching to the choir to everyone here, but I wanted to leave it intact so you can copy and email it out.

    The below are posts that I copied and modified from a gun site. It is very important to try and get additional companies on board with this since the libtard politicians are all about banning guns. If the law enforcement agencies start getting cut off, they might put the pressure on to stop the bans. There is a growing list of companies that will not do business with law enforcement in states that put bans on what civilians can own.

    Below is a message that can be sent with a name added:

    Dear Law Enforcement Sales Manager,

    Recently New York rushed an ill-advised and possibly (or, what I strongly feel is an) unconstitutional law infringing on the rights of law-abiding gun owners. Other states are poised to write similar laws. I urge you to follow the lead of the below companies which have adopted this policy: If it can’t be sold to law-abiding citizens, it won’t be sold to state and local police agencies either.

    Olympic Arms
    Larue Tactical
    Templar Custom
    York Arms
    Extreme Firepower
    Cheaper than Dirt
    West Fork Armory
    Midway USA
    Smith Enterprises
    Exile Machine
    Charter Arms
    Spikes Tactical
    OFA Tactical
    J&G Sales
    Barrett Firearms
    Bravo Company USA

    There are 800,000 sworn police officers in the entire United States. The FBI reports a total of 2,495,440 NICS checks, and thus firearms sales, in January alone. Police sales are not your major business. It’s time for firearm manufacturers to send a clear message that you will not participate in the slow erosion of our Second Amendment rights.

    A Concerned Gun Owner

    These are manufacturers/distributors that are refusing LE/Govt sales in support of us regular Joe's. It will also serve as a campaign to contact manufacturers and distributors and urge them to get on board as well.

    Here is the list on board already:

    Olympic Arms
    Larue Tactical
    Templar Custom
    York Arms
    Extreme Firepower
    Cheaper than Dirt
    West Fork Armory
    Midway USA
    Smith Enterprises
    Exile Machine
    Charter Arms
    Spikes Tactical
    OFA Tactical
    J&G Sales
    Barrett Firearms
    Bravo Company USA

    Here is a list of manufacturers and distributors to contact and urge them to get on board.

    These companies do not have a public email and you must contact them via their web site:

    Hornady - contact via web site Contact Us - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc
    Ruger - contact via web site: Ruger Online Support Request
    DPMS - contact via website: Welcome to DPMS Firearms -
    Daniel Defense - Daniel Defense
    Brownells - contact via website Brownells Contact Information | World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools - BROWNELLS
    Stag Arms - contact via web site

    These companies do have email, I have listed the emails below in a group that is easy cut and paste to your email:

    Amchar (NY distributor to most LE agencies. Everything from guns to vests to ammo) -
    Glock -
    Sig Sauer -
    Smith & Wesson -
    Magpul -
    Rock River -
    Kahr -
    Springfield Armory -
    Remington -
    ATK/Speer/Federal -
    HK - &
    FN USA -
    Les Baer -
    Windham Weaponry -
    Atlantic Tactical -
    Beretta USA -
    Stag Arms -

    These companies I could only find phone numbers for:

    Colt - 1-800-241-2485
    Winchester - 1-800-333-3288
    Bushmaster - LE/govt sales 1-800-998-7928
    Kimber - 1-888-243-4522
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    Add Doublestar to that list.

    Doublestar Corp. | Be Victorious
    DoubleStar Corp. | Facebook
    Effective Immediately!!
    Due to the recent changes in 2nd Amendment laws that are pending or currently enforced by states across the country, the J&T Family of Companies which includes J&T Distributing, DoubleStar Corp., Ace Limited, and the DoubleStar Training Academy has been forced to reassess our policies regarding government and law enforcement sales. Effective immediately, the J&T Family of Companies will be joining other manufacturers and distributors by ceasing sales of regulated items in states that have altered the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms.

    The JTFOC will no longer sell prohibited items to law enforcement agencies or any government agencies in states, counties, cities, and municipalities that have enacted restrictive gun control laws against their law abiding citizens. We hope other companies will join us with their support. We applaud those already involved with this effort to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

    -Be Victorious

    Contact Info.
    Winchester, Kentucky (Eastern Standard Time)
    Hours of Operation:
    Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 pm EST
    Phone Numbers
    (859) 745-1757
    (888) 736-7725
    (859) 745-4638

    Mailing Address:
    DoubleStar Corp.
    PO Box 4671
    Winchester, KY 40392
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    Thank you for the update and I changed the above post to reflect the progress.
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    And you can now add J & G Sales

    Govt and LEO shipping announcement



    For immediate release:

    As state and local jurisdictions are increasingly passing laws which infringe upon the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, J&G Sales is implementing a new policy on shipping restricted items to these states and localities.

    Effective immediately, laws that restrict firearms, ammunition, or magazine possession by law abiding citizens will also be applied to state and local law enforcement and government agencies in that jurisdiction. All residents will be treated equally. Honorable citizens, law enforcement personnel, and government agents, should all be allowed to utilize the most effective defensive equipment available.

    J&G believes that there should not be a difference between the rights of citizens and those of government employees. This new policy will also help us to be sure we avoid the consequences of not conforming with the anti-firearm regulations in these various jurisdictions.

    We expect to lose some revenue from government purchases, however we feel it is essential to defend the US Constitution by making a statement about the importance of the Second Amendment in maintaining all our freedoms.

    We await the day when all law abiding citizens will be able to possess the most effective means and tools available for self-defense regardless of where they live or for whom they work.

    Thank you
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    Thank you for the updates. If a few more companies get on board with this I will have to send another round of emails to the hold outs so they can see the trend.
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    NYC is getting closer to " Throwing Rocks" by the Day.... Good....
  7. Mountainman

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    I'm happy too. We just need one of the big boys to step up to this and start a trend that will cut off all their weapons.
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    Unfortunately a significant number of the key players are European companies, and they will have no problem picking up the extra business.

    Companies like Glock, FNH, HK, can supply every weapon for every LE agency in the entire country.

    What we need is to stop buying guns from companies that supply agencies in ban states.

    We can't just let the manufacturers make this call, we need to support the companies that do the right thing and stop giving money to companies that don't.

    Will it ever happen, no it won't, not on a scale large enough to make a difference. Too many gun owners are to emotionally invested in their favorite gun company to do something like this.

    I love Ruger guns, because because I love Bill Ruger's view of "form follows function", but after his stand on the previous AWB, I didn't buy another Ruger until after he died and the company came around to a better line of thinking. That fact is not enough people felt the same way and kept buying Ruger after 94.

    I wish for once gun owners and manufacturers would stand together, but I don't think they will. I can still hope and dream however.
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  9. ditch witch

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    Add Barrett
    Barrett | Facebook Store


    Barrett’s Position Regarding the Assault on Liberty, February 20, 2013

    Barrett opposes those who are illegally disarming the American public from their efficient arms and creating superior armed elitist government agencies.

    Elected state officials of New York, having been sworn to protect our Constitution, have instead committed an offense against it and their citizens by stripping inalienable rights duly protected and guaranteed under the Second Amendment. By their deliberate and sinister actions, these officials now cause their state and local policing agencies to enforce these unconstitutional and illegal so called “laws”.

    By current law, Barrett cannot be an accomplice with any lawbreaker, therefore, cannot and will not service or sell to New York government agencies. Barrett also applies this stance to the individual elected official who, as a matter of public record, has voted for or created regulation that violates the constitutional rights of their citizens. This is an expansion of our 2002 ban against the California government due to their second amendment infringements, and shall apply to any future violators.

    In the course of world history there have been officials that strip inalienable rights from the people that were given to all by our Creator. Most of these officials inevitably come to trial, some do not.

    Intentionally violating constitutional rights by officials that have sworn to uphold them should have severe prison sentences.

    With the clear vision of horrible events in history repeating itself, all manufacturers of firearms or related equipment remaining in partnership with such violators should have a respectable fear of being found with the guilty on their day of trial.

    During this era of assault on liberty, Barrett will remain steadfast in our efforts to serve law-abiding citizens of all fifty states, and stands together with you in the struggles we will fight and win.

    Ronnie Barrett
    Chairman and CEO
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    If I had the money available, I'd buy 10 of his guns today.
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    You are correct about offshore guns still being available (via the distributors) no matter what US mfrs do. The key, in any case, to making the LEO sales dry up lies with the distributors, not the mfrs no matter where they are. I await them to come out and take the economic hit from losing lucrative LEO sales contracts. I am sure that Ronnie Barrett realizes his commitment to dig into things before selling to a publicly anti politician or LEO, but still wants to buy for personal reasons, not public. I'm less certain that other mfrs will be so diligent, nor that distributors will also.
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    Ron Barrett has been one of my heroes ever since he told Commiefornia to go to hell when they passed AB50 (50 Cal Ban) in 2004.

    "Barrett cannot legally sell any of its products to lawbreakers. Therefore, since California’s passing of AB50, the state is not in compliance with the US Constitution’s 2nd and 14th Amendments, and we will not sell nor service any of our products to any government agency of the State of California."

    Preserving the Second Amendment – An Open Letter From Ron Barrett of Barrett Firearms Manufacturing - Soldier Systems
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    Looks like BCM just jumped onboard.
  14. BTPost

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  15. bfayer

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    Bravo Company Machine.

    They are a tier 1 supplier of AR rifles and parts.
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    If LEOs can't be supplied, I betcha their complaints will have more weight than you and me in the State House.
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    Its sad. We couldn't stand together as a group in 94 and we still can't. So very sad.
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