Manufacturing an SBR (Short Barreled rifle)

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    NOTE: File your forms and get the approval and the Stamp before purchasing the parts, (Upper or bbl), to make the SBR. I know that there have been cases where guys with Thompson Contenders have fought this as they had parts to assemble a SMR but I wouldn't risk it.

    Also. The serial number given is the one on the lower, which must be marked somewhere on the upper receiver, (under the pistol grip on an AR is common)

    Paperwork you need

    Form 1 (2 copies sent to ATF)
    View attachment 010205-Form1.pdf
    must live in a jurisdiction where the CLEO will sign your form

    Certification of Secure Storage
    View attachment atf-f-5300-42.pdf

    Certificate of US citizenship
    View attachment 5330-20.pdf

    The above 3 forms are from title II and can be filled out on your PC and then printed. Do NOT print front and back of paper

    Fingerprint cards (2) Order (free) from the ATF or get from local Class III
    Distribution Center Order Form
    These will need to be 'printed' by a local LEO office

    This is classified as constructing a Short Barrel Rifle or "SBR".

    SBR's are regulated by the National Firearms Act and require approval by the BATFE.

    First, you must see if your state allows the SBR.

    Then, you must apply using form ATF F-1, "Application to Make and Register a Firearm," along with ATF fingerprint cards, and citizenship certification form that must be ordered in addition to the F-1.

    The form F-1 will require that you obtain signature of your Chief Law Enforcement Officer.

    Send two originals of each form, along with a check of $200 to National Firearms Act Branch Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
    The waiting period is approximately 90 days.

    You must not possess the short barrel until after you receive your approved application.

    Installing a barrel on your Thompson can be a tricky and is not as simple as just unscrewing one and installing the new one.
    It is a job best done by a competent gun smith.

    Because you are manufacturing a NFA firearm, you must conspicuously engrave on your receiver, or barrel, your name, city, and state,
    engraved to a height of 1/16th in. and depth of .003 in.

    The newly constructed firearm must now comply with all the rules that regulate NFA weapons.

    You must have approval to transport it out of state and you should always keep a copy of your stamped form 1 with the firearm at all times. To obtain forms and learn more about NFA regulations, use the following link:ATF Online - Forms - Firearms

    The above phrase "on your receiver" is not correct in every case. Depending on the particular application, the information may be placed elsewhere.

    Any gun smith with an 01 FFL can accept the gun for service, and you do not have to wait while the work is done; it can be left at the smith.

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  2. Excellent post, melbo - I've been researching this subject is several places on the 'Net, and this is the clearest and most concise I've seen the info presented. I plan to SBR an MGI Hydra - that'll let me run a SBR AR in 5.45, 5.56, and 7.62 - and to use both AK and AR magazines.
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    Thank you for posting the Form's/PDF which is why I signed up [applaud]
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    Getting Tax Stamp for SBR is far easier than most think....don't let the ATF regulations scare you....Here is how simple it is....Buy a 80% AR15 lower and jig......finish the lower as is.....determine what you want the model number and serial number to be.....fill out the Form 1's and send in.....when you get stamp back....engrave your model number and serial number on lower along with name and city/state of residence.....finish building rifle per Form 1, caliber, barrel length and your last one took 4 months....
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    Even easier, take an existing weapon, register that serial number on the form 1, get the stamped form back, buy and install short barrel. Or if its a shotgun, even easier, just simply cut the barrel off with a hack saw after you get your approved stamped form 1 back.
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    I've Form 1 sbr'ed a CZ Scorpion and bought a few Form 4 sbrs. I gotten back one Form 1 sbs and still waiting on another. Paperwork is pretty straightforward, remember, you have to put the barrel and overall length on the form prior to approval, so make sure you cut it down or buy a barrel at the length you submit.
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    How is having to go through all that paperwork and expense NOT an infringement?
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    "Shall not be infringed" was written by old white guys and is no longer applicable.
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    Bite your tongue, knave!! Of COURSE it's applicable, it just doesn't mean what it says!! (Thus spake the snowflakes while whimpering into their latte.)
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    Before you get into all the goofy Gov't paperwork you might want to take a look at
    Home Defense | BG Defense
    I would suggest getting a can for this 'cause those short barrels are REALLY loud but you don't have to and then there would be NO Fed forms, just the 4473 for a pistol
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    Well, unless you add the can...that will require pretty much the same type of paperwork and tax an SBR requires.
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    No paperwork (except for the can). These are classed as pistols (In Michigan). The only paperwork was to register it as a pistol per Michigan law. As such you can carry it in you vehicle fully loaded (you can't do that with a long gun) and concealed (as long as you have a CPL). There is no permission needed to take it across state lines. This is the one that I was talking about
    Yes the can is a pain, but you would only have one $200 stamp instead of two for a SBR and a can.
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    AND if you add a Can, you CAN NOT take it across State Lines without telling ATF about the move, and getting APPROVAL.....
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    Last I was told, a can was not a problem but a SBR was. That was from a class III dealer and the ATF. That said, since the government is involved I'm sure that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Now if you mean you can't take it across state lines because you are moving to someplace else probably so, but to go to an event, for example, and you're not changing your residence you're fine.
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    A Can is still an NFA Class Weapon... and is still subject to the COMPLETE NFA Regulations... as of today... If Congress (Senate)
    would get the A$$ in Gear and Pass the Hearing Protection Act this would change, but as of NOW, that is STILL the case....
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    My niece's Form 1 SBR came in yesterday and we put it together today. I bought her a Black Aces Tactical Po'Boy 556 can and after feeling how heavy it was, decided that on a 16" barrel it would be unwieldy, so a 10 1/2" would be more appropriate. The engraving was on the front of the mag well, so it's pretty much out of sight unless it's pointed at you. To celebrate her second stamp I got her ten more Pmags, a nice tactical carrying case, new EOTech, a nice Magpul sling and 840 rounds of PMC .223.
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    WE think -[worthless]
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    Sorry, but it's her SBR and Suppressor, and she's not comfortable posting pics. I will post mine later when I figure out the camera features on my phone if you want. Except the CZ, I'm still waiting for it to come back from engraving.

    My second SBS stamp came in today. I'm still trying to figure out how to transfer pics from my phone to the laptop though.
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    I'm thinking maybe I needs me a new uncle...:LOL:
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