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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blackjack, Jan 29, 2008.

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    Some may remember that my wife and I were found by a pitiful little starving manx kitten a while back.

    Well it's been almost 2 months that we've had her now, thought I'd give a bit of an update.

    She (Pandora) has attached herself to my wife. She likes me, but I'm the one that squirts her with water for behavior violations (scratching the couch and the like), so sometimes she looks at me like I'm about to kill her and then she runs off.

    She gets along great with our dog now, they're buddies. She spends a great deal of time planning and executing ambushes on his hindquarters, then sprinting for cover.

    She's almost never meows, at least not loudly, but she is very vocal. Lots of "chirps" and purring.

    In a very short time she's gone from starving to picky. When we first brought her in, she would gratefully eat anything. Now she's picky about what flavor of canned food she's getting, and doesn't like it cold. She's put on some weight (pure muscle) and is looking pretty healthy. Had a short bout with worms (had them when she got here apparently), but we noticed it pretty quick and got her some meds.... all better. And she just had her first heat cycle. It wasn't too bad, she just annoyed the dog a lot, and made a bunch of little mogwai noises (mogwai... ya know... gremlins). We'll get her fixed when I can get a little extra cash.

    I thought we would have trouble with her wanting to go outside and roam, but she hasn't stepped out even once. I guess she figures she's had enough of that cold, outdoors crap. The couch is pretty nice, eh?

    She's terrified of anybody but my wife and myself. Whenever someone visits, she runs/hides for hours. She's so distrusting of anyone else, I wonder if maybe someone hurt her before she found us.

    She's got an active imagination. Apparently, late at night, our apartment is under attack from large numbers of invisible devil rats from hell that she must dispatch in an acrobatic fashion. And, speaking of acrobatic...... this little kitty is quite the athlete. I'm amazed at some of the mid-air antics she can pull off. She's a Kitty-Fu Master.

    She "play attacks" us often, but she's very gentle. Even when she gets the infamous "hind feet disembowl action" going, she doesn't actually use her claws (thank god... the blood loss would be critical).

    Favorite toys...... a little stuffed mouse that gets disembowled several times a day, my laser light pen, and a stuffed fish on a toy fishing pole.

    Overall, she's doing pretty well. I'm glad we kept her.
  2. monkeyman

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    Cool deal. Lasers + kitties= hours of entertainment.
  3. Valkman

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    Tht's neat! We have 3 cats and they all run when anyone comes in the house, and they do not play with the dog! It's more that they "put up" with him. [beer]
  4. CRC

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    I'm so glad y'all kept her...:)
    I will have another Manx one day!

    Who needs TV when you have a cat? I also have those invisible thingies that come out at night... and for a cat with no front claws, she sure terrorizes the dog! :lol:
  5. Tracy

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    I love a story with a happy ending! :)

    Very nice!
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