Map Of Gun Ownership And Homocide By Firearm

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    When I ran across this interactive map, I assumed that it was constructed by anti-gun types but, if so, it doesn't make their point very well. If this data is correct, and I am not misreading it, it appears to me that this map actually supports the idea of gun ownership.

    It shows the United States as having the highest firearm ownership rate in the world at 88.8 firearms per 100 people, but the homicide by firearm rate is relatively low, at 2.97 per 100,000 people. A total of 9,146 homicides by firearm in the United States during the past reporting year for this data.

    Brazil, by comparison, has a relatively low firearm ownership rate at 8 firearms per 100 people, and the homicide by firearm rate is extremely high, at 18.1 per 100,000 people - better than six times the rate in the United States. A total of 34, 678 homicides by firearm in Brazil during the past reporting year for this data.

    Seems to me that this data confirms that gun ownership is a good thing. Brazil is a perfect example of a society in which only the criminals have guns.
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    I read too many of the comments on that site.Not a good way to start the morning.
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    I would like to see the overall homicide rate, the breakdown by weapons used ni the homicides, and ability to own fire arms.... additionally i wonder what the gray nations have.... no fire arms?, no firearm homicides?... looks like kinda spotty data...
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    Norway is wrong...there were way more than 2 people killed by firearm's....Anders Behring Breivik
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    Major difference between the raghead numbers and the previous interactive map. Here is a quote from the other map with regards to the USA. FIREARMS MURDERS AND CIVILIAN GUN OWNERSHIP
    United States
    270,000,000 civilian firearms - 88.8 for every 100 people

    Ranked 1 in the world for civilian gun ownership

    In the latest year, there were 9,146 homicides by firearm - 2.97 per 100,000 population. 60% of all homicides are by firearm

    SOURCE: CTS, via the UNODC and the Small Arms Survey
    The ragheads claim, ..... Mass supposedly has the lowest US gun death rates. their quote;


    Gun death rate: 3.14 per 100,000 Rate of firearm ownership: 12.8% Rank: 50 Rank: 48
    additionally, the ragheads claim for the highest rate is as follows;

    Gun death rate: 18.03 per 100,000 Rate of firearm ownership: 45.6% Rank: 1 Rank: 13
    All I am saying is someones figures are seriously wrong. I don't trust ragheads any further than I can throw one, so I don't believe one iota of their BS
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    I believe you and don't disagree the information isn't consistent. I looked at Aljazeera's sources and I would think it could be possible they are more accurate than ( who us the UN's statistics. The point is we compile our information and send it to the UN who then does their own compiling and so forth,), at least for our country. I say this because they are using figures provided by the US Govt., NICS, Gallup,, and the IRS.
    ^Very interesting link ( i think )

    those are both links off of the sources that Aljazeera cited. I have been reading Aljazeera for a while now and, IMO, they seem to be less biased than most western media.
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    an additional tidbit. relevant of course.
    Chicago, The Deadliest Global City

    Among what are considered Alpha world cities, Chicago has the highest murder rate -- higher even than the Third World metropolises.

    In the last year, the Rate of Killings in Chicago has gone up 38 Percent!

    Singapore 0.4
    Tokyo 0.5
    Hong Kong 0.6
    Berlin 1
    Sydney 1
    London 1.4
    Toronto 1.7
    Amsterdam 1.8
    Paris 4.4
    New York 6
    Los Angeles 7.5
    Mexico City 8
    Moscow 9.6
    Sao Paolo 15.6
    Chicago 19.4

    It bears mentioning that Chicago also has some of the strictest Gun Control laws in The US and as of today, the Governor wants to add more! It doesn't really seem like something we would want to duplicate in other Cities!
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    BTW ... statistics routinely are seriously skewed for a number of reasons. If one honey picks, they can make their statistics sing and dance and even fart the star spangled banner. No shit.
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    Hahaha, I got my degree in economics. This was at the center of my curriculum.

    I like to say:

    Numbers don't lie, Economists do.
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    Check out the NON-Alpha cities:

    New Orleans tops the list. Makes sense why Louisiana would be leading the nation then...
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