Mardi Gras Mamou Style

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gator 45/70, Feb 18, 2012.

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    Apres le courir, head on down to Iota, "T-Mamou," for a small-town Mardi Gras with costumes dated by the Univ. of Louisiana, Lafayette, Anthropology Department, as coming down from Northern France in the 1400s. Dressed sort of like witches with hooked nose masks and high conical hats, the members of the "krewes" hold out their hands during their parade and demand from the crowd "...un 't cinq sou," another tradition dating back, for a pittance to add to help pay for the big feed they'll cook up for the village debauchery that evening. The air is filled with flying nickels. Bud Light and fried alligator out the gazoo !
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    There is one wilder than most in Gheens La...
    This is where the people are chased down and whipped IF they do not beg for mercy in French.I may of been there once ..or maybe twice....ccc...


    Mardi Gras in Gheens - YouTube
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    If you, or ANYONE assaults "Me" with one of those, Sonny, you/they are going to be looking at the Wrong END of my Browning HiPower.... so you/they had better plan on meeting your Maker, real soon.... It is way to easy to get carried away with such BS, especially if there is alcohol involved..... ....... YMMV....
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    Calm down Bruce...its a Louisiana thing...You would have to be there...ccc
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    The South can be a little different at times.
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    Yes it can !!! i did'nt believe it either until i saw it...
    This is a young person's game...The old and kid'o are not chased...Usually it's family members and friend's type of thing...But if you beg for mercy IN are passed over and the chase is on for a new victim....Gheen's is a small settlement..1 road in 1 road out...

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    Thank God.
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    actually, we'll be having a couchon de' lais and partial mardi gras country roundup in Colorado come May, if anybody is interested in joining in those festivities...

    put 6 displaced cajuns into the rockies on a chilly night (which to us, every night is "chilly" at 8000') and you are gonna get either a pot of gumbo or some jambalaya..

    either way, it makes for a really good time.
    coming to a BOL near you, mardi-gras..
    brought to you by the displaced cajuns..
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    I did not think la couchon could hang at 8k..Tough bast**d's...But then again..If it has horn's..Its an
    I may make a pass...
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    I'm bringing one up from LA.. ;)

    they don't have any, in the colorado highlands, I imagine there are some on the plains.
    I will be investigating the possibilities through the summer.. lol
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