Margin squeeze: Here it comes guys..

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by UGRev, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. UGRev

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    Aw Crap... Here It Comes (PPI) in [Market-Ticker]

    I put up a list in another thread calling margin collapses as the last stage before midnight. Well.. supporting evidence at the link. DO NOT SKIP!
  2. Falcon15

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    I smell it too. Thanks for the post!
  3. TnAndy

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    Every thing I own is 100% paid for, I have nothing on margin, and thus, don't give a crap. :D
  4. UGRev

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    Not even the point. You buy stuff? notice the prices going up? the margin squeeze I speak of, as does the article, is that of the companies in which we buy "stuff" from. When their margins dump, so does the entire economic structure. Thus, you should be cognizant of this fact..always.
  5. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    That is dread. The rug is being pulled out from under us.
  6. Equilibrium

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    This to me is.... well.... real scary "stuff". I'm sorta sorry I read the thread... I liked being able to focus on my food pantry and gathering other things to be able to avoid ending up in the Bears Stadium without the added worries of things like.... ohhhh.... what happens if they pull the internet kill switch and cell phones as a part of their HS economic collapse master plan and I can't reach my kids or the rest of my family. For what it's worth.... I'm glad I joined a "social" forum because.... threads like 'what did you put away this week' made me feel as if I wasn't the only one sensing troubled times ahead.
  7. gunbunny

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    I got a first hand look at this today at work. I'm an industrial electrician by trade, so I have to install things like conduit, electrical panels, and enclosures. I got a shipment of three identical electrical enclosures, from the same manufacturer and product line, but one of them was a little off. When I got back to the workshop, I miked them and noticed that the one that was a little off was made of 1 guage thinner metal than the others. I'm sure it didn't cost any less (probably more) than the other two.

    I wonder how they got their NEMA 4 rating with thinner metal? What happens when electrical panels are made of thinner metal? The internal copper busses have to be a certain thickness (rated in circular mills) to be rated for a given amperage, but thinner panels could mean more damage, or even failure when a forklift drops a box on them, or runs into them, etc. In a industrial setting, anything that can happen, will happen.

    Just my observation for the day, take it FWIW.
  8. Equilibrium

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    CANDY fISHER Monkey+

    how about this crap LOL

    Climate change scientists call for food rationing to reduce carbon emissions

    Leading scientists have called for World War II-style rationing in First World countries to avert catastrophic global warming, in a series of papers published by the United Kingdom's Royal Society.

    "The Second World War and the concept of rationing is something we need to seriously consider if we are to address the scale of the problem we face," said Kevin Anderson, Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.

    The recommendation came after Anderson concluded that no other method could secure the decrease in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions needed to prevent temperatures from rising to dangerous levels.

    Without drastic emission cuts, global temperatures are set to rise more than 4 degrees Celsius (7.2 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2060, producing more severe weather events such as floods and droughts. This will inevitably disrupt food production, leading to massive social unrest and large-scale migration, in addition to mass extinction at a rate surpassing even modern levels.

    Anderson noted that the type of rationing needed would be relatively moderate, involving limiting electricity usage, setting a maximum level for home thermostats, and mandating replacement of older appliances with newer, energy efficient devices. Another suggestion was to place limits on food imported from great distances. Adjusting to these limitations would only entail simple lifestyle changes, such as wearing more warm clothing while indoors and taking public transportation more, Anderson noted.

    "I am not saying we have to go back to living in caves," he said. "Our emissions were a lot less ten years ago and we got by ok then."

    In another paper, Myles Allen of Oxford University warned that international climate negotiations are off track by focusing on reducing emissions below a specific baseline (such as 1990 levels), rather than focusing on total emissions.

    "Peak warming is determined by the total amount of carbon dioxide we release into the atmosphere, not the rate we release it in any given year," he said.

    Without a quick drop in emissions, he warned, global temperatures will change too fast for ecosystems to adapt, leading to ecological and agricultural collapse.
  10. UGRev

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    They can eat s**t.
  11. BTPost

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    The Climate Scientists who are calling for this, CAN put their Money where their Mouths are.... "You first, SmartGuy" is my retort....[fnny][applaud][freedom]
  12. Equilibrium

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    Forbidden is what I got when I tried to "go advanced" and look at my post. I just lost a whole post..... bummer.

    adding now I can't post at all unless I edit a post I guess. I'm being told server 403 error.
  13. UGRev

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    I had to clear my cookies and try to post again.
  14. Equilibrium

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    Oopsie…. they forgot to mention their “climate change RoundUp ready” crops are failing to yield in the not-so-mysterious absence of their projected warming trends and by gosh by golly…. they forgot something else too… it’s called unbridled breeding in the rest of the world that they’re sanctioning. What kind of a “humanitarian” organization repeatedly fails to acknowledge this>>>?
    YouTube - The Impossible Hamster
    Why I do believe it’s called the UN…. humanitarian my sweetass. They know they're placing hundreds of millions at risk of dying…. it’s called “social justice” for the elite….. reduce the “surplus” population and in doing so… reduce the pressures on the lands that will be “inherited” by the “chosen”. Think Americans are the “chosen”…. I dooooon't think so.
    On an aside, I’m surprised nobody commented about the “big boys” trying to crash JP Morgan at the Max Keiser site. That went along with the original intent of this thread. And….. their “new and improved” tactics to crush the opposition, and Lookie here, Imagine that…. and after 3 months they still can’t prove they own the mortgage loans they claim to own.
    BTPost> The 63… or was it 64 or 67 or 68 climate scientist stooges (I never can seem to remember how many the IPCC actually had that manufactured that “consensus”)…. are nothing more than expendable pawns. They’re in the end game for keeps. The "climate scientists" either play the elites' game or the peer review process will crush them. At which point they can kiss their “careers” ba bye along with all chances of enjoying an unrestricted flow of funding for the “cause”. And this is what happens when a handful of folk elevate a hypothesis to theory by casting aside the scientific method.
  15. VHestin

    VHestin Farm Chick

    I realized months and months ago that if they honestly put the 'climate change' theory through the scientific method(which I think of as the scientific court of law), it wouldn't work, mainly for 2 reasons,
    A: You'd have to figure the exact 'pollution' level caused by all life(those darn cows you know), which means you'd have to know the exact number of organisms alive on Earth and would have to know all their activities. I don't think it's possible to gather all that data. It'd just be guesses, which last time I checked was not really reliable or scientific.
    B: You are supposed to have a control group and a variable/test group, so you can measure the changes. They have to be identical at the beginning for that reason. I wasn't aware there was a parallel Earth.

    Once I realized that, I started wondering how much of what we're told is 'proven' scientifically really is. And I started putting alot more weight on what I know/observed for myself.
  16. Equilibrium

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    I'm sorry VHestin.... I should have clarified... when I posted this, "[FONT=&quot]The "climate scientists" either play the elites' game or the peer review process will crush them.[/FONT]" The elite control the peer review process and most... not all scientific journals. We're in dire need of transparency throughout the peer review process so we can "follow the money" and as time goes on.... they move us further and further away from transparency in the US. As far as the scientific method.... this might provide better insight into the direction I was headed, Scientific Methods. It's a short read, well worth your time then here's an even quicker read, How much fraud is there in science?.
    Long version.... lots of real climate scientists have been “dismissed” from Senate hearings, they’ve lost funding from the National Science Foundation for data analyses that failed to show net warming, had papers rejected for review for being of “no interest” to readers, have lost their jobs for model results “not relevant” to public policy, and have been passed over for tenure for not subscribing to the popular belief of “peers” as outlined by Ms. Heidi Cullen, .: U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works :: Press Room :., Nice, keep people out of harm’s way by decertifying every meteorologist who won’t toe the line for the global warming cause. It got worse… Dave Roberts called for Nuremburg war crimes trials for these “bastards” (global warming deniers) and Malcom Wicks called skeptics the equivalent of the Flat Earth Society. Fear and intimidation are extremely powerful tools. Can anyone blame scientist “deniers” who wouldn’t challenge the “science” of the IPCC's "chosen" climate scientists>>>? Fast forward to 2010 after the leaked e-mails and after Copenhagen flopped to an “environment” somewhat more receptive to what more real climate scientists have to offer and we see more coming out of the closet to engage in the “fray”, what's up with the weather: the debate: dr. s. fred singer. This should be a good reminder that peer pressure is about as good for teenagers as it is for scientists… it isn’t. We could use a good overhauling of our existing peer review process as in.... yesterday.
    Short version.... AGW is a ponzi scam. IPCC has zip nadda nothing because the science of their
    "hand picked" climate scientists is not repeatable.... isn’t falsifiable by experimentation and... there's no null hypothesis. Their climate scientists didn't honor all FOI requests and never followed through by providing falsifiable experimentation. Period. They don't have a leg to stand on until they do IMHO and they can claim their science is repeatable if only they hadn't destroyed the original data sets until they’re blue in the face for all I care… it's not science if it's not repeatable and I don't know ANY scientist who destroys original data and certainly not because of alleged space constraints in this era of technology where we've got professionals backing up our backups.
  17. VHestin

    VHestin Farm Chick

    I remember hearing about the 'peer pressure' crap when I still had TV(which btw I'm grateful I don't anymore, too much crap on these days). I think it was the guy who was in charge of the Weather Channel, decades of experience in meterology/weather, and he got in trouble when he said he didn't believe in global warming on national TV. And I've personally experienced the bias against 'non-believers'. Science is *supposed* to be severed from any interest other than seeking the truth, but maybe that's just my heathen/'uneducated' perspective. And I agree, if it's not repeatable, don't pass it off as science 'fact'.
  18. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Monkey++

    John Coleman was one of the first to publicly defend the scientific method by pointing out the "theory" lacked empirical evidence. I don't watch tv so I never saw him do it but.... he had a website... he may still have one.... that had videos of some of his broadcasts.
  19. Falcon15

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    Hey...what was this post about again?
  20. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Monkey++

    Who knows anymore.... Blame CANDY.... she got UGRev then BTPost then me off track. ;) Then I got VHestin off track. Why don't you interject something totally unrelated and get everyone on an entirely different track... it seems like a fun thing to do. For what it's worth... I think there's too many moving parts to the current market scandal for anyone to call anything.... if somebody guesses the outcome they'll be labeled a genius.... that's for sure. I do feel hyperinflation's on the way but the dynamics of what's going on seems to be changing by the hour... no minute.
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