Marines banned / gays approved

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Sep 26, 2007.

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  2. Quigley_Sharps

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    Marine Dress Whites aren't Flamboyant enough to be filmed in SF. Maybe if they added some feather boas, and replaced the rifles with giant neon dildos, and tossed them back and forth, the City would change it's mind.
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    What scary Quigley is that you are probably right
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    From the news article:
    The Folsom Street Fair Web site says young people are welcome: "While we don't have any age restrictions at the gates we do inform attendees of the adult oriented nature of our events." The fair organizers say beer and liquor age restrictions are strictly enforced.

    Hmm, so now we have a gay community allowing minors to come in and possibly see these "sex acts". Wouldn't that be "contributing to the delinquency of a minor" or at least "lewd and lasvicious acts involving a minor".

    That just makes me SICK.

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    Just another fine reason on why I don't live there. Been there twice and if I never go back I will be all the happier. [beer]

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    What did you expect from a bunch of phewgs?
  8. BAT1

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    San fag cisco has become Sodomite city. They will reap the wrath someday. No guns, or marines, just phallic symbols, yuk. You don't mock god and survive.
  9. Blackjack

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    I Have The Solution!

    The Marines can wear their dress whites to film in, and they just need to invite along a cowboy, an Indian Chief, a biker, and a construction worker. Nobody will suspect a thing. [LMAO]

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    Alright, I will play devils' advocate...

    First and foremost, when you must seek out "permits" in order to function, no matter what entity you belong to, this is a sure sign that freedom and equality does not reign supreme in this general region. And so, griping and complaining after a "permit" issuance has been declined is kind of like the old man in the dungeon complaining that his chains are uncomfortably cutting and chaffing.

    Second, I have never seen any justification for religion which makes any sense at all, and I do believe that it is perfectly within their rights as homosexuals or as heterosexuals, since they are "Americans" to protest peaceably, even if it is to depict Christ and his merry disciples as decadent, flaming, half-naked party animals. I do believe their goal was to raise awareness, even if it was a brutally polarized depiction. Nevertheless, an individuals' own sexual preference should be nobody else's concern, and I believe that there could be a far better way to reach an accord for all parties on both sides of the fence, and it begins with keeping their personal issues out of politics and away from becoming tools for control.

    Last, I just wanted to reiterate my own personal contempt for religion, and how stagnant civilizations become due to its effects. I am certain that a fair number around these forums do not agree, and I can look past this for the time being. I cannot expect any person to just stop being religious and choose to believe in themselves and each other instead. I fully understand the ideologies and the dependency behind religious dogma. I know that many choose to place a belief in an afterlife, even if that means sometimes ignoring this life at brief moments. Just as Rome was raised in a moment, and was destroyed in a moment, the time between stretched for thousands of years. In the end it is the moments which kill us. Perhaps it would be best if mankind could finally accept a reasoned perspective; we no longer require tales of old to frighten us into submitting and to be reformed from our barbaric ways. With open use of science and the tools which have brought on this modern age, we see greater numbers of people turning away from the grasp of religion. These people are finding new ways to conquer the unknown, applying common sense, scientific theory, and practical experimentation to come up with answers to questions that religious fanatics have incessantly ignored through their desperation to cling to frail beliefs. No longer is it necessary to permit heresay in an ancient parable to dictate to us how we are supposed to live our lives. Our lives.

    Homosexuals are quite possibly people who have become abused and rejected for too long, and have turned to behaving out of conformity due to the fact that the old ways simply do not work any longer. There is no room for acceptance in a modern world of religion, where one hates another because they simply cannot fit in and behave the same as all the rest. You, as the individual must THINK and BELIEVE the very same way, or else the scripture dictates what the believers perceive will be proper punishment. I am certain that society helped to create the homosexual, with its momentary lapse of compassion and understanding...and I am certain that it will take another moment in time to come to understanding just what is really going on.

    Christians, Muslims, Jews -all of them pray to the same God, the God of Abraham. Yet, they all kill each other over whose version and whose prophet is just and true. There are no facts, no evidence from these tomes of control. They breed hatred and contempt because man is hateful and contemptuous. Underneath the surface of all major religions is an age of blood and tears brought on by our very own distaste for one another. No God will ever change this, no divine reckoning will cleanse the heart of man, there will be no glorious afterlife as redemption; and I know this simply because the road that has been travelled has been paved with intentions which has cost countless lives.

    Mankind has built for itself a grand city made of gold, has it not? Try not to forget that it was built upon the corpses of your brethren who went into battle for the heirarchy, believing in those splendid tales and parables. With each and every unheard prayer, with every cry out to a God who cannot possibly hear, with every single life that was sacrificed upon the altar of the human race, all it has to show for it is THIS VERY DAY...this moment. This is what we are right now, and we have come no farther than we did when the first Pharoah's were worshipped.

    I await the age of reason, but that moment may very well be passed by because of our own ignorance and contempt for one another.
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