Marines deployed to Guatemala

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Sep 1, 2012.

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    By keeping US troops outside the US, when it all comes down he will have less trouble bringing in foreign troops ?
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    he's eliminating the competition.
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    Are they escorting a Furious load of arms to the cartels? Escorting more immigrants to the border? Training Guatemalan Army troops so they can start their own paramilitary drug cartel using state of the art SF training and weaponry? Did the G. president make a campaign contribution at the Geneva fund raiser and this is some of the payoff? Or are these some Marines not happy with Dear Leader and he is sending them to be ambushed ala Clear and Present Danger?
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    fast and furious part dos???
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    Or is it at all possible that - given the amount of nose candy Americans buy to shove up their collectives noses, which in turn has created a massive "narco army of oppression" in Central and South America - that the US is owning up to us being the problem and is trying in small way to help the poor SOBs being eaten alive by the narcos?

    And that this late into his term, the prez is only doing this token bit to try and show how centrist he has suddenly become - esp given the many reports of his past ""koff ** koff ** recreational activities ** koff**

    It could happen....
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    I think he is only doing this to portray/pretend he has been concerned about the drug trade for political points and to pander to more of the illegal voters here, that are worried about their families back home.
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