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Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by 3M-TA3, Jul 17, 2018.

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    I read a fair amount of dystopian and SHTF themed books and eventually ran across Mark Goodwin. The general theme of his books, which are also prepper based, are the prophesies of Revelations taken in a modern context. I've read Revelations before, but reading it in this context makes it easier to relate to that chapter of the Bible as well as other portions. It's really a very entertaining way to do some Bible study.

    I just finished the "The Days of Noah" and "The Days of Elijah" series which work their way through each step of Revelations. All of the others are set in the same sequence of events. They really have me thinking about my role as a Christian as well as helping me to evaluate my preps a bit better.

    Note: These books are not Divinely inspired writing and I'm certain there are folks that can find issues or would have different interpretations. They are, however, good stories that inspire Christian thought.
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    I have read all of Mark Goodwin's books and they are great. I think they are the best of the breed and I have read many, many others.
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    I too have read, well listened to all of the books. I've enjoyed them.
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    I too have read them all, very good read, and well worth the time!
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    He has a new series called Ava's Crucible I just started reading. So far it holds up with his other books.
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    I have never read any of his work. Just down loaded Noah..
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  7. Motomom34

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    I have not heard of this author. I will be putting them on my to be read list.
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    I got away from reading for pleasure nowadays research on current affairs archeology as it pertains to Biblical matters and history. lots of medical and technical journals and white papers. The Bible tells us we won't know the day or hour but will know the season, Many conferences when people are asked if spiritually, things are better few if any hands go up. as people are concerned about social issues effecting their children and a complete reversal of societal norms.

    Nothing against these books but, generally speaking these types of books have increased in popularity whereas some years ago it was not as popular as people did not consider such a scenario possible, now it appears to be not if but when. Having had plenty of experience in bad places, turmoil and pulling out of political hot spots, some EMT work and extended hunting and fishing trips on the water salt where I have said, "we need a bigger boat" and fresh water, where I wanted a bigger boat. For the most part I can make a go if things turn. I'm not passive or untrained in taking care of myself. Books can give insight to those who don't have street or interpersonal experience / group dynamic under extreme stress conditions . I have skimmed a few books on these topics and on occasion found that the writer lacks on the ground experience of a true hostile environment mixed in with social medical and financial meltdown. Just because people were in the military doesn't mean they are all going to fall in and take orders as per their previous rank. it's not as if we did not have shirkers / goldbricks opportunists and criminally minded or hopheads they don't publish the perp pics of Leavenworth's new recruits or their bios. I see it more like the TV show survivor instead of getting voted off they get killed off by friendly fire mingled with Game of Thrones with zero morals with a complete lack of self control include Mad Max with all the bad guys huffing gasoline drinking home made lighter fluid. having been in a few of these situations and no book I ever read prepared me for all the things people are capable of or the aftermath.

    If cooler heads don't prevail the pure evil normal people will commit will make head hunters and cannibals look like pacifists.
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  9. Tully Mars

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    You'll like 'em Moto
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