Mark Kelley (aka Mr. Gabby Giffords) buys AR-15 & 1911

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    Very true Minuteman!!:(
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    What it is>> There's a difference between brainwashing and simply convincing someone of something. Let's say I have my own religion or club or whatever it is, and I explain the benefits to you; and after some discussion, you eventually decide that it sounds pretty good and decide to join. That's not brainwashing. Brainwashing requires a few specific elements. First, the beliefs have to be pretty radical. There's no clear delineation of what this means, but generally it's something that's significantly beyond anything you would have come to believe on your own without my influence. Second, my efforts have to be systematic. A lot of mere convincing is systematic; telemarketing pitches, for example. A lot of sales pitches follow a written script that includes branches and responses to typical objections. The difference with brainwashing is that the system is designed to change your beliefs, not to sell you something or get you to vote for a particular candidate. Finally, there must be some aspect of the pressure that is forcible. If you have the option to stand up and walk out any time you want, my pressure is not considered brainwashing. The definition requires me to apply some kind of pressure that eliminates your free will to leave my sphere of influence. Brainwashing is a forced, systematic, radical change of belief.

    That being said, what we must do is a type of Deprogramming , but that is only going to work if the subject is removed from the influence and then slowly understands they have been lied to. I have seen this be a success in MO, where the welfare moms were first brainwsashed to vote agains CHL. Time, information and a way to show that the facts prove that the radical belief presented by others that a AR15 is a "evil gun" is a lie designed to make them slaves.

    Not easy but that is what works, Never Give UP.

    Id, Ego and other laughed at facts must be learned and used to our advantage.

    Know your enemy, prove he's lieing and get a gun into the brainwashed so they may see the facts.

    Over and over and over>>>>>
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    How many ways can you say PHONY BITCH!
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    Interesting Target, she is standing in front of.... I wonder if that kid is over 18.... Amazing shooting up a Kid, holding a Toy Gun....
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