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    MARK KOERNKE" Un take over" stuff

    Masrk koernke is head of the michigan militia, this isfrom 1993, black helicopters detention camps, new currency the wholeU. n. takeover enchilada. He made me think about a different scenario than i've been working with, so its was worthwhile for me for a more militaristic pov..

    Mark Koernke - America in Peril (About The New World Order)
    I don"t ascribe to his scenario completely, but he made me think alot about the sporting goods I have in the closet, and he gets intp about organizing a grasroots resistance about an hour into the 1:53 video.
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    Man Tango, I'm gonna have to order dsl just to keep up with all the vids you post. :)
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    I just don't want to make myself unwelcome here...this stuff is out there, (free) so I'm justs cutting and pasting...(Don't know how many federal lists my ip address is on by now)...but if its controversial in a tinfoil kinda`way I'll check it out...

    Alot is misinformed pannicked BS, just saw some waco footage, the narrator is taliking about tanks injecting cs into the building they were tank retrievers using the tow bar ( like the back end of a towtruck boom), You could clearly see the pulley at the top where the wire rope spools out, but they were "secret gas injectors"... Technically I guess you could modify it to send a liquid or gas up the boom tubing and hide a Dispersion of agent.
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