Mark of The Beast So You Thought They Only Used Fingerprints to ID You and Yours?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by HK_User, Aug 30, 2012.

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    Yes, I think it's a commonly accepted fact that most, if not all members here do not like scanners, government intrusion and general big brother tactics. There is nothing wrong with your post, it just may be in the wrong section of the forum. To be perfectly candid, I would like to see more survival topics and am generally tired of the whole doom and gloom campaign. It's just all become expected and typical of an out-of-control government with a people who have predominantly become complacent and ignorant. One more brick to add to the wall, nothing more. Forgive me for being a little curt, but I can easily recognize the genius in biblical revelations and its inherent use.
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    I think you are a bit of the mark, I have seen 3 real live tats on Survivors and many hundreds more in pictures. The best of my information shows the Tats as all hand applied not stamped.

    IBM was INTERNATIONAL and World Wide so yes they did sell punch cards and sorting equipment, not quite what you suggested. IBM had many production plants in Germany as well as the rest of Europe. Machines and parts were sourced from that area. The sorting equipment was used in the camps to track ALL prisioners as well as war material all over Germany.

    Then again Prof Porsche made war material in both wars, and a very nice car too. Notable war time productions include the electric driven land train with the use of his design of the electric hub motor for land use in WW1 and the ww2 vw Kubelwagen type 82 aka as the Beatle in its past models and owned by people the world over.

    You can blame most any company, that has been around for 100 years, for anything if you look long enough.

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    I didn't ask for you to attempt to placate the issue, and I for one do not admire your attempt. I mentioned IBM (trading with the enemy) dealing with the Nazi's and you say this?

    No, me thinks you are not grasping the severity of the subject matter. Oh well.
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    Well golly gee you missed the point.

    Ain't placating nothing here.

    1. Just pointing out that any world wide company has done things wrong and right over their life span.

    2. Many post often have incorrect information.

    I don't see where you should have a problem about the truth of the times we have been discussing.
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