mark you calendar; WWIII starts 9/25/2012

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Sep 21, 2012.

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    It's not a matter of "if", but "when". As I see it, there's no telling --and anybody claiming to know about it is mentally unstable or outright lying or deceived altogether. To think of the security breach it would take to release information about an offensive of this scale...


    Imagine the D-Day surprise if the Germans knew ahead of time because of some angry former government employee. Give me a break. I am sure that most of the folks who were former heads of XYZ of .GOV are decent patriotic types, but even a tyrannous government like we have shouldn't be called out on a website to have actual plans to attack Iran! This would effect everyone. I sure as heck don't support Slavery, Inc. --but I do want to be on the winning side between Iran and Slavery, Inc. (that's America btw). So, no. I think Pieczenik and all the rest are just plain STUPID for even making this claim to begin with.
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    I ain't worried, what the heck, my Mayan Calendar says the world is going to end in December.
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    Wow, I want 20 minutes back...
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    But just in case me and the missus is gonna rock the haybarn on the 24th![do-it]

    As I always say, never let a good opportunity go to waste!
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    Now the hole has to go way deeper.
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    Is that a movie plot?Whens it comming out?
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    Been hearing "end of time" stuff all my life. Even the angels do not know when so what gives some folks the idea that they know? Does not really matter when but if we are ready---spiritually. If not then times will be horribly difficult. That is if you believe in the "rapture". If not then times will still be unbelievably tough. Being physically prepped is important but again, being spiritually prepared for life will get us through perilous times much easier. Read Matthew 24 as Jesus is answering His disciples questions about the end times.
  10. Actually World War 3 had its real beginning at 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time (18:30 UTC) on Friday, November 22, 1963. It was the first strike in the war against higher education and free thinking. Guess who's winning.
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    Well dang..... No World War III.... Oh Well, I guess it is like the Second Coming.... Not even the Angels (fixed) in Heaven, Know the time of it happening....

    Note: Angels, Angles, Oh well......
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    It was a joke........poke at the Mayans for being off 3 months.
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    Charbonneau is referencing the misspelling of angels/angles.
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  16. Which is why I treated it as a humorous opportunity. The Launch post made a false prediction. I suggested an observation that reflects on the war of pay religion upon higher education of what were once their sheep. THAT is an often heated war that has been waged ever since and it is worldwide.
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    You guys crack me up. biglaff
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    Don't know what y'all talking about, My plan worked perfectly.
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    Ha....CATO reading comprehension score: F
  20. Actually GfN,
    I wasn't targeting you but BTPost. It was just up my alley at the right time. I had come in from calculating the angles of a restructured truss for one of my workshops. I need a hangar door that will allow for 16 feet wide, which I have, but for 12 feet high in the center. The rafters are all joined by multiple hammer-beams. I'm going to build them into a self-supporting truss system.

    It was ironic that BTPost had misspelled Angels as angles. Struck me funny because I had run a short progression of ... reasonably simple... linear equations that told me what I want to do will work.

    I get the impression your native language is Deutch or Nederlandisch?
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