Market Manipulation and Politics

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    Market Manipulation and Politics

    By Chuck Augustin

    During a press conference today, October 11, 2006, President Bush highlighted the economy and security as the two factors which will turn the tide and produce a Republican victory in November. He cited the federal deficit reduction, new jobs, economic expansion, declining gas prices and tax cuts as some of the successes of his administration. Following the press conference and throughout the day, CNBC ran segments on the deficit and the possibilities of gas price manipulation for political purposes. The discussions on the deficit mostly led to the need for changes to Social Security and Medicare. The gas manipulation discussions led to a conclusion that, although manipulation was possible, it at best could be only a short-term phenomenon.

    As a gold bug and market follower with an IQ above 10, it is blatantly obvious that ALL markets have been manipulated for many, many years. If I were a multi-billionaire and controlled mainstream media, I could "legally" manipulate markets myself using the same tactics government and big money have used for years. Market manipulation is not rocket science, only a question of money and power. The real trick is to make the manipulation as clandestine as possible and thus continue to allow the scam to continue without raising public awareness. Such has been the case for years until recently. More and more, the manipulation has become so obvious that most investors and even the non-investing public have become aware. This awareness is the sole reason for the segments on CNBC today. By “addressing” the issues on CNBC, the public is psychologically appeased, believing that addressing the problem somehow will solve the problem. Some of the really naïve listeners may even believe that gas manipulation is not occurring or that our social security and Medicare benefits will be not radically decreased in the future. This psychological mind-control tactic is the same reason we occasionally see anti-government programs over government-controlled media programs such as 60-minutes, Lou Dobbs, etc. It is also one of the reasons why the internet has been allowed to remain “free”. If they can keep dissent open and public on the internet, they can maintain data on the dissenters while appeasing the public and avoid protest marches, strikes or other more dangerous forms of public protest.

    Without a doubt, IT IS THE ECONOMY STUPID. The selfish, me-generation of today’s America are concerned about their own standard of living far more than any other issue. For way too many years, the general public has been able to ignore the globalization movement which has led to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and, soon Iran, Syria and North Korea. During that same period the obvious destruction of the economic infrastructure of America has not become a major issue. As long as the general public feels they can continue to earn and borrow enough money to sustain and improve their individual economic situations it seems all else can be ignored. For that reason the American people will vote for the party that seems to be promising better economic times and both parties KNOW it!

    What has really drawn my attention for years is the lack of discussion about market manipulation by either national party. If manipulation has become obvious to investors and even the general public, why don’t the Democrats at least pretend to take the moral high road and make it a public issue? It would not take much for the Democrats to make manipulation THE ISSUE leading up to the November elections. In doing so, they could easily trigger investigations into the Federal Reserve, PPT, Gold Cartel, Goldman-Sachs and the entire criminal enterprise which has been making a fortune at the public’s expense while increasing their power. As part of the investigations that would emerge, the fraudulent statistics produced by the Bush Administration would be exposed, as would the government control over mainstream media. The scandal would guarantee a Democratic victory in November and in 2008.

    So why don’t the Democrats do it? The significance behind this question is far more important to me as an American than any other aspect of the manipulation issue itself. Many reasons could be given for the Democrat’s silence regarding manipulation – Clinton did it, protecting America from economic collapse, etc. None of those reasons hold water because the power to control congress in November and the entire government in 2008 should trump any other concern the Democrats may have.

    Our founding fathers created a Democratic Republic as our form of government. This system was chosen to allow the people a voice in their government through elected representatives while avoiding mob rule. It also would ensure that no dictatorship could exist through the multi or two-party system and the checks and balances within that system. The multi-party system is absolutely essential in protecting the fundamental rights of citizens. It is THE most critical aspect of our government that prevents the absolutely power of a dictatorship by any one person or group. Certainly a just judicial system, free and unbiased press, independent law enforcement agencies, etc. are also essential in protecting the rights of the people. However the multi-party system is what ultimately allows those institutions to exist and remain just and independent. Without checks, our government has no balance!

    The fact that the Democratic Party is not aggressively and very publicly addressing the Bush Administration's blatant market manipulation and falsification of economic data is proof positive that their leaders are totally involved in the activity and deception. The American people are therefore without representation and our fundamental rights as citizens are left with no protection from the dictatorship feared by our founding fathers. Our two-party system has become one corrupt party and the people they serve are not the American people.

    Those who control our government and many of our institutions are the same relatively small group led by international investment bankers who have been behind the world economy, globalization and world governments. They have succeeded in destroying America’s democracy and are in total control of the leadership of both parties. Since 1917 these behind-the-scene leaders of the world government movement have also controlled the creation and distribution of our nation’s money through the Federal Reserve System. Over the years, they have been able to buy the influence and power necessary to control our government. The absolute power provided by an unlimited supply of money has also allowed these forces to gradually infest and control mainstream media, our Supreme Court, and many other institutions which were once dedicated to informing and protecting the rights of the citizens of our country.

    Those of us who speak the truth in these times are classified as Conspiracy Theorists. CNBC used those very words all day today regarding the POSSIBLE manipulation of gas prices. The truth, even when heard, has been very hard to accept by the majority of Americans. My own family, church and friends hate it when I speak of these issues, yet the facts are becoming undeniable to anyone with an open mind. Trade unions have been made powerless, our real wages have continued to fall and our pensions are lost or in jeopardy. Due to the recent legislation approved by both parties and the Supreme Court, individual rights under bankruptcy laws, eminent domain, rights to a fair trial and freedom of speech have all been curtailed. The nominations of Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson were both unanimously approved by members of both parties, even though their involvement in market manipulation has been obvious for many years. We have seen Congress sit silently by as the Bernanke Federal Reserve dictated to members of both parties and our country that it would no longer issue M3 reports or data because of the “administration burden these reports had on their fellow bankers”, thus the dramatic increase in market manipulation since April.

    Sooner rather than later the dollar and world economy will collapse AS PLANNED. The timing of that collapse is the only remaining issue and the most difficult for them to control. Even market manipulation and media control will not be able to prevent the disastrous effects of the housing market collapse on the entire economy. The world’s population will be confused about the causes of the collapse and the reasons for their desperate plights. America and its people will suffer the worst for we will be without jobs and income, but our enormous debt will remain. We will be slaves to the international bankers that own that debt and will easily be persuaded to continue fighting their wars for world domination. We will also be required to continue to sacrifice the rights given to us under the increasingly obsolete Constitution of the United States. The illuminated masters who control our debt will be in total control of their slaves.

    Once fully implemented, the World Government will remove all this frustration, corruption and conflict. There will be no political parties, no elections. There will be no illusion of free markets to manipulate, no personal wealth to steal. The new world economic system will never collapse nor will the lone world currency. Free thinking will be harshly dealt with and our educational system will teach us only what is required to perform our designated tasks. There will be no nations and no religions so wars and armies will be eliminated. There will only be the world police who will ensure their absolute control over us.

    Regardless of who controls congress after the November elections, Americans have already lost, just as the citizens of other “democratic” nations have lost. Eventually the charade will become apparent to all and we conspiracy nuts will be arrested in the name of national security. We will have no rights to a fast or fair trial - they need not even charge us with any crimes. Some will probably undergo “indoctrination”, some will be sentenced to life, others executed. As for me I will make it easy for them, give me liberty or give me death.

    Chuck Augustin is a retired Navy Masterchief (E-9) who, for 22 years, served as a cryptologist under the operational control of the National Security Agency (NSA). In 1988 he was selected out of 17,000 as the Navy’s top cryptologist
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