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    What is the definition of "Marketing" and how many forms of marketing are there?

    So, here it is:

    You're a lady and you see a handsome guy at a party. You go up to him and say, "I'm fantastic in bed."

    *That's Direct Marketing.

    You're at a party with a bunch of friends and see a handsome guy. One of your friends goes up to him and, pointing at you, says, "She's fantastic in bed."

    *That's Advertising.

    You see a handsome guy at a party. You go up to him and get his telephone number. The next day you call him and say, "Hi, I'm fantastic in bed."

    *That's Telemarketing.

    You see a guy at a party, you straighten your dress. You walk up to him and pour him a drink. You say, "May I" and reach up to straighten his tie, brushing your breast lightly against his arm, and then say, "By the way, I'm fantastic in bed."

    *That's Public Relations.

    You're at a party and see a handsome guy. He walks up to you and says,
    "I hear you're fantastic in bed."

    *That's Brand Recognition.

    You're at a party and see a handsome guy. He fancies you, but you talk him into going home with your friend.

    *That's a Sales Rep.

    Your friend can't satisfy him so he calls you.

    *That's Tech Support.

    You're on your way to a party when you realize that there could be handsome men in all these houses you're passing. So you climb onto the roof of one situated near the center of the block and shout at the top of your lungs, "I'm fantastic in bed!"

    *That's Junk Mail.

    You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say, "I'm rich.Marry me." She gives you a nice hard slap on your face.

    *That's Customer Feedback.

    You are at a party when a well-built man walks up to you and gropes your breast and grabs your ass.

    *That's the Governor of California.

    You like it, but twenty years later your attorney decides you were offended and he files a lawsuit on your behalf.

    *That's America.
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