martial law triggered in denver at dnc convention

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    August24th. An activist group is planning to confront police at the DNC convention in Denver:[beat][beat][beat][beat][gone]


    ReCreate 68 has been handing out the image above on cards around Denver. The left image is the front and the right image is the back. On the website for the group, they identify with disobedience by claiming people should “join them in the streets of Denver as they resist a two-party system that allows imperialism and racism to continue unrestrained.” On their website, they have called the police pigs and are educating people on the $50 million the city spent on security for the DNC. A link states “Weapons Used by the Pigs to Take Your Rights Away!” See the website here: Denver area hospitals and law enforcement have been receiving emails and faxes to prepare for terrorism and mass riots in Denver for the DNC similar to the one below. In the memo, a security alert has been issued including, in some cases, the naming of one activist group, ReCreate 68, as a potential threat.

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