Martin Fury Hunting Bow (sold)

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    Martin Fury
    I bought it used in 2007.

    Bare Bow 125.00 + Shipping - insurance extra.
    Bow With Bodoodle rest, quiver,150.00 + Shipping - insurance extra.
    Insurance extra.
    ( Sight and arrows not for sale)

    Right Hand
    Draw Length: 27" ( #2 Fury Cams)
    Draw Weight: 70lbs
    Camo: Advantage Camo
    Axle-To-Axle: 40"
    Brace Height: 5.688"
    LET-OFF: 75% Effective, 69% actual
    Mass Weight: 4lb. 5.5oz
    Sight Window: 6.25"
    IBO Speed Rating 325 @ 65% Let-Off
    From Martin:
    #M-82 - If speed and power is what you are looking for, the Fury has got it all. Many companies have tried to duplicate the speed and accuracy of the Fury - to no avail. The secret of its accuracy is in the smart design of its components. The CNC machined Fury riser is made from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum and utilizes Elevated Stabilizer Wing (patent pending) technology to enhance accuracy and smoothness. The stabilizer is lifted to the grip area, making your stabilizer more effective. The speed of the Fury is a direct result of precisely engineered Fury Cams , which are the toughest and the most accurate on the market. Glass composite limbs provide consistency and power. The Fury is designed to give you years of trouble free service, and many memories of perfect hunts and flawless tournaments. The Fury is available in Advantage Camouflage, Cherry Red, or Royal Blue. Available in right or left hand.

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    If it was only cherry red.......
  3. Quigley_Sharps

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    For you my friend I will take it down to the auto body shop and have it painted Cherry red and put a pink bow on it for you???
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  4. Quigley_Sharps

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