Mass Detention in Colorado

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Silversnake, Jun 5, 2012.

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    Police Stop, Handcuff Every Adult at Intersection in Search for Bank Robber - ABC News

    Basically, the police got a "reliable tip" that a suspected bank robber was stopped at an intersection for a red light. However, they had no description of him (clothing, race, age, etc). (Strange that all they knew he was stopped at this one light.) They block the intersection and detained everyone, handcuffing most of the adults and conduct a car by car search for evidence in the robbery.

    For those who have been deployed recently, does this sound familiar?

    I'd bet money the cops used the same cell phone tracking tech (both fixed base and mobile) to track this guy. The classified ELINT systems used were impressive. That or he had an RFID card on him somewhere.
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    Good find on this article, seems like a lot of people are pissed bout the 4th amendment being tossed on the ground. A lot of us on here seem to be getting more nd more upet with the constitution being disregaurded, also with the comments at the bottom of the article you posted and the comments on other various news sites. It's nice to know we are not alone and it is not just the "preppers" mindset.

    keep your powder dry boys.
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    Yeah, I read about this today. Funny, your detained, handcuffed, then the police "ask to search your vehicle" and if they were allowed and they found nothing then you were released.

    Sorry, you want to search my vehicle? Get a warrant along with some decent probable cause, then you may, but only with me and/or my attorney watching like a hawk. Oh, and being an adult is NOT probable cause!

    So they found the guy, good for them, now they just set precedence that they can illegally detain a group of people UNTIL the correct person is found.

    Let me end this by saying i have good friends that are police offices (both current and retired) they all say this was over the top and WRONG!
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  4. STANGF150

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    Don't worry, they only "handcuffed all the adults". No mention of children being handcuffed. Guessing sum traumatized kids after seeing Mama & Daddy cuffed & stuffed by the PoPo!! But thats okay, they let them all go after they found sumone to get on a weapons charge. They dunno if the one they got was the Real Bank Robber, but hey he had weapons he must be the guy!!!
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    [fnny] like their gonna find the guy in the first car they search and then keep on searching!

    You know, you always find something in the last place you look.
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    A unique situation that required an unusual response? WTF Just prepping the sheep is all, nothing to see here and we did let them go right? After they THINK they got a suspect?Think I'll go check patches,powder, and ball. Might be needed sooner than later.
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    Exactly [freedom]
  9. Quigley_Sharps

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    This is one of the few times I hope they sue the city..
  10. Witch Doctor 01

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    I hope the city has deep pockets.... I smell a class action lawsuit coming...
  11. Seacowboys

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    If we wish our government to keep us safe, then we have to sacrifice a few simple liberties. If they hand-cuff you and search your stuff to find a bank robber or a shoplifter, then we are all much safer. They have these neat taser things now so they can put you out for the cavity search, if you are bashful; you'll never even notice it. I have been searched at airports by some very good package handlers and I kinda like it....when they feel a hard object in my pants, it could be a weapon!
    Restraints can be quite fun sometimes. We just need to make our mind up, if we want to be taken care of by the government or not?
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  12. Brokor

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  13. techsar

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    Hell, if it's going to be a felony anyhow, might as well shoot the bastages! LOL
  14. TXKajun

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    I'd appreciate the take on this from any of our LEO folks here.


  15. BTPost

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    You MUST understand that these were ALL "Sheeple", with not one Sheepdog, among them. Yes, there was one Wolf, and they got him, Big Deal, I am NOT Impressed..... If I was one, I would be suing the A** of that Podunk Department, AFTER I asked what Probable Cause they had to Detain "Me" as an individual, Especially as I would have been an "Out of State" Citizen, and the only ID I would have on my person would be my Passport. No Car Search, without a Warrant, and I would be in their Court, with the slimiest Shyster LAWYER I could scare up, Asking a lot of VERY Embarrassing Questions, of the Police Chief, and the local Prosecuting Attorney. After that, I would be in the local Federal District Court with a Civil Suite, for False Imprisonment, and a few other things that I could look up. This kind of Official Conduct needs to be confronted.... ...... YMMV....
  16. Gator 45/70

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    I would have shot all the sheep at least once in the azz...Because..

    Well they are sheep...Who care's ?

    Bank least 87 shot's for him...

    Or until we were out of Bullet's...

  17. Silversnake

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    The car with the evidence was the last one they searched...certainly that was not by accident. I have seen (literally) hundreds of times every person within a 50 meter radius of a point in space were detained facing a wall. They search all of the detained personnel and lay the contents of the pockets (cash cellphones, etc.) on the ground behind them. Then some geeky looking guy with a black box walks along behind the group and when the screen bleeps the right code, gives a nod to others who aren't so geeky looking and have lots of big guns. The guy is hauled away.

    They knew exactly which car to search, they just didn't want to show all their cards.

    But they did.
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  18. Alpha Dog

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    If he wasn't the real one I bet he is now at-least on paper.

    It's amazing the things they will do to the people and call it acting in the name of the law. I didn't know we were allowed to just rope off an area of civilians whith a possible armed suspect. They had no idea what this suspect was driving or looked like. So what if he had got out and started shooting. If the civilans went one way 5-O would have seen them as a threat and if they went the other way the suspect would have shot them. Or they could have been victims of cross fire. Pop off A couple rounds would have been like spooked cattle, could have been a ugly ending with a deadly out come.
    As far as my looking at it from a supervising L.E.O. stand point no way to many people put in danger, Just to recover a dollar not worth it. If they had him traced why not follow his signal until you could get a positive ID on ateast a vehicle. Plus I just don't see how it would not be against the rights of every peson there. To be pulled from their vehicle and handcuffed for no reason and have their vehicle searched. It would be one of those situations where if a person didn't want me going through their vehicle they would consent out of fear being falsley accused. With this way of thinking and tactics Anything found would be a good charge becuse it was found by L.E.O. acting in the discharge of his duties. The search wouldn't be illegal because a crime had been comitted and the search would be for public/L.E.O. safety along with extingent circumstances when it comes to the evidence. I could see using this tactic if some terrorist was fixing to kill a bunch of people or had killed, something where mass fatality and devistation would be the end result. I just can't see need for it to recover money or drugs something like that. This is more of a Military tactic not L.E.O. this is one that the people need to stand up and say this is going to far and our rights have been violated. Because the more things like this that slide through and is not challenged, the more people start to accept it and the more of a common practice it becomes. Before long they will be able to pull us from our vehicle and search during a seatbelt road check. I like to catch the bad guy just as much as any other L.E.O. but I don't want to sell my right out to do so. Sooner or later I me and mine will be the ones pulled from our vehicles or even homes and searched. What if this had been in a neighborhood? Ot would mean rather than going door to door asking if everyone is ok. They could knock on your door handcuff you search your house while you lay on the front lawn and then charge a person for any crime they find while looking for the suspect.

    The Nazi SS conducted the same type of searches
  19. VisuTrac

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    a simple phrase comes to mind.
    Stupid Sheeple!

    I guess I'd be one of the idiots that would not give permission to search my vehicle. Don't they know they don't have to put the contents of your car back in? You have given them permission to literally empty the contents of your vehicle on the street. Nothing says they have to be careful with it, nor ensure that it goes back in the same spot.

    Seems Denverites are being trained to accept this as routine procedure.

    Heaven help their children in the future, because they've just rolled over and let their 4th amendment right die at their own hands.
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  20. Gator 45/70

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    I guess i'm Old school and would be shot all too Hell...

    I have no problem with F/U's ... Kiss/My/Azz...Go Ahead and Shoot...B****h...

    I'm a dead man by Sheep rule's....

    But then again...No one in the family has been a sheep...

    Don't come to my funeral....Will blow your OPSEC...
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