Master Tile Setter for hire Western WA State

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maxflax, Dec 28, 2010.

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    I've had to shut down my contracting biz after 15 years due to the ongoing economic nightmare. I still have all my tools and am willing to work in Mason, Thurston, Lewis and Pierce counties, depending on the job size. I may consider some barter such as gold, silver, firearms and some tools/equipment

    I'm trying to keep busy until we get to building our home in the near future. I can remodel your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, what have you. Im fast, effecient and a non drug user and non criminal and can prove it with my concealed carry permit. I'll include my personal warranty for my work. This will be a simple labor hire, not a contract since I no longer am licensed and cannot contract. In my 15 years contracting I did not have a single customer complaint to the State, and you can check that if you wish. Try matching that
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    Hey, fellow Westie!

    Have you tried putting an online ad in Seattle News, Events, Restaurants, Music or The Stranger - Seattle's Only Newspaper ? They're both very popular super liberal online news/social sites covering the Sea-Tac area, but lib money pays the bills just like the other kind, right?
    I've noticed in their classified sections they have a few other guys doing their construction-home related specialties for cash: plumbers, roofers, etc. Hopefully you can get an ad in there and get lucky!
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