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    I made some Master Tonic last fall and wanted to share how I did it and why here. Excuse me for cutting and pasting this from my blog elsewhere:

    I finally got everything together to bottle my Master Tonic. Master Tonic is used to help cure/fend off colds and flu, as it’s ingredients are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiparasitical. I’ve been “brewing” it for about 6 weeks, now. I finally got it bottled yesterday. I think I mentioned before that I was making some, but I never posted how I did it. So here it is, with photos!
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    Master Tonic Ingredients are Fresh: Jalapeno Peppers, Garlic, Onions, Ginger, Horseradish and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
    The recipe calls for equal parts of the above ingredients. I peeled the garlic, onions, ginger and horseradish and pulse each item in the food processor. I then placed it all in a gallon glass jar to about 3/4s full and filled it up with the raw apple cider vinegar.

    I just sat it on my kitchen shelves for several weeks and I shook it everyday. I’m not sure if I shook it enough, but I think it’s okay. The minimum is two weeks to steep it, but you can leave it there as long as you like. It doesn’t spoil.
    Here’s what it looked like just before bottling.

    I purchased 16 ounce amber bottles from Mountain Rose Herbs. I’ve heard many recommend the company, and since they are here in Oregon, I thought the shipping might be reasonable. It was. Oh, and they carry herbs, too. They carry a lot, actually. You should check them out.

    I started to strain the liquid through a stainless steel strainer into the bottles. But then I changed my mind and strained it all into a jar so I could mix it up before bottling it.

    So I ended up straining everything twice before bottling it. In the colander is my pulp that I put into a cheesecloth bag so I could squeeze more liquid out of it. Unfortunately, although the mixture had steeped for six weeks, my hands still felt the burn of the peppers afterward for a while. Ouch! It didn’t last long, though.

    The finished product, six 16 oz. bottles of Master Tonic that will never spoil. That’s right, it has an indefinite shelf life. Take 1/2 to 1 Tablespoon at a time when ill or when you’ve been exposed to illness. More information may be found here. I labeled them with my handy dandy labeling machine.
    And, if you’d like to see a video of someone making the tonic from start to finish, click here.

    This powerful stuff, folks!
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    Thanks, great info. Vinegar is good for everything. Ginger is good for the stomach.
    I make a heart tonic tincture out of Garlic, Cayenne, Ginkgo Biloba, Milk Thistle, Valerian root, Billberry, Hawthorn Berry and Vodka. I'll try making it with the vinegar.
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    That sounds good. Do you have heart or high blood pressure issues? My husband has a bit of high blood pressure. I give him garlic, potassium and CO Q-10 (or something like that) for it.
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