Match heads as blackpowder substitute

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by spero, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. spero

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    I saw this on you-tube. Anyone actually try it?
  2. BTPost

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    Very STUPID thing to do... Match-head Powders are usually a mixture of Potassium Chlorate and Phosphorus, In various formulations, that are friction sensitive and will lite with very little energy input. Once lit, they produce significant Hot Gases, and the mixture burn rate SIGNIFICANTLY increases, with pressure. This makes its use as a Propellant Charge, a very risky endeavor. If your looking for a substitute for BP, I would suggest that you stick with the BP Substitutes, or Replacement Powders, that are currently marketed, as these have undergone significant TESTing, during their history of development. They usually are Potassium Chlorate, or PerChlorate, based but contain NO Phosphorus. ..... YMMV.... but if it does you are treading on VERY Thin Ice.....
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    Second what BT said--very risky. BP is not that hard to make but like any propellant one needs to be extra cautious. Why not just purchase some Pyrodex tabs. They are clean burning and so simple to use.
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    "Strike Anywhere" matchhead powder CAN be used as a primer mixture, after TSHTF and regular primers aren't available - there are instructions and videos on how to 'reload' cartridge primers.
    BUT - there is a danger, and it's not 100% reliable.

    As a 'black powder'? Heck no!

    Besides, it would takea LOT of them to make ONE load.
  5. spero

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    I did not think it was safe but I saw it on Pathfinders You tube channel and thought it was odd. The primer idea does have merit though so thanks for that info
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    Back in the day 50 years or so I remember making pipe cannons and used matchheads and cannon fuse and it worked and I'm still here.BUT nowadays I have a lot more sense and would have to be extremely desperate to try such a thing.I would rather work with a bow & arrow.
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  7. maleaco

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    Haha yeah it works
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