Matt Bracken: What I Saw At The Coup

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    Matt Bracken article commenting on the "Coup" but written as fiction in a letter format. Some argue that a coup has been underway against Pres. Trump since he took office. By the Deep State and the Progressives AKA the Communists and others of that ilk. Very interesting reading. Bracken: What I Saw At The Coup
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    Sounds good to me
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    Wow! I didn't care much for 'Castigo Cay' or 'Red Cliffs of Zerhoun' but huge fan of his 'Enemies' series. I enjoyed it so much I just pulled up When The Music Stops—How Our Cities May Explode In Violenceand will read it next. @deMolay Nice catch! Thanks!

    EDIT: Ah! I thought I had previously read this or something like it. I see now it was written in 2012. Nevertheless, still good stuff!

  4. DKR

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    I read this some time ago - clearly done during the reign of Sun-God and Emperor the 1st, BO Bama.

    Some of Matt's stuff is OK, other of his writings are a bit over the top.

    WARNING - the web site linked open displays a Con battle flag. So NSFW.
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    Yah 2012 during the 0 years. But the scenario is a good read. Heck some of the stuff you read about what is going on with Pres. Trump not so far fetched maybe. Not there yet of course.
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    What in the hell is wrong with a Confederate Battle Flag?
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    Not a damn thing,my great,great father fought for the south in the war of northern aggression.
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    It's a libtard trigger object.
    The funny thing is if they see a CSA flag they have no idea what it is.
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  9. DKR

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    Nothing - other than costing you your employment, or setting you up for endless harassment and so on at work.

    I mentioned this as a heads-up to other board members who have a workplace that allows idle use of the net on Company time.

    As an added note - I am not the enemy....
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    Glad to hear it!
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    I couldn’t tell
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    I work for myself so I choose who I want to work for most times. I’m not in a lot of debt , so I have that option. Fly any flag you want to. These damned illegals are crossing our border flying their flags. F’k’em
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