Max. Mountain House Sale thru Jan. 15, & now MREs too!

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    Congratulations--you made it to 2012!

    What's next? Who knows. It sure does NOT look to be a year of turnarounds and improvement ahead, does it?

    Regardless, we're going to get you off and running in the most timely and prudent fashion, given all the uncertainties and concerns around the bend. This year, we are allotted just three Mountain House cans sales. Our first sale is live now and runs thru January 15.

    Food prices are skyrocketing. These MH list prices are still from early last year. My expectation: Mountain House can prices will go up significantly this year--I'm sure of it--just like every other quality food out there these days. Many wise folks today are viewing quality long-term food storage as just about the most certain tangible investment available. We fully agree. Think about it. Decide if this isn't maybe the last best opportunity you might have to get it all squared away.

    This Two-Week MH Sale (Shop here.)

    From January 2-15 ... As always with our MH sales--we are offering the maximum allowed discount on all MH can varieties: 25%.

    As always--it all ships free to the continental US.

    As always, we are offering buyers club members special reward gift certificates for their MH cans case purchases ($50 for every three cases).

    And this time around, we are also offering an early-bird option to the rewards, while supplies last.

    For those Royalty Reward details, see:


    Many of you will be very pleased to see that we now have some quality MRE cases to offer again. It's been years since we had access to quantities of good-quality MREs like this.

    Have a blessed, safe, and secure new year.

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    Mountain House is the best storage food money can buy ...

    - Award-winning for best taste freeze-dried food
    - The world's technological leader in freeze-drying technology
    - 30-year shelf life (in cans)
    - Entrees include real meat, unlike many competitors' offerings
    - Oregon Freeze Dry Inc. has been in business for 48 years
    - Some of the most USDA inspected food around--continuous, multiple inspectors on-site (especially for the volumes of government contract work OFD does)
    - Prompt, free shipping when purchased from Safecastle
    - Club member bonus awards during this sale.
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    Customer's experience with 29-year old MH canned food ...


    Submitted by Safecastle customer Ed Perry, January 7, 2012:

    "While up North I opened two cans of Mountain House Freeze Dried food ... a can of freeze dried pears and a can of freeze dried chicken and noodles. Bear in mind these were almost 29 years old and I had taken no special care in storing them. We ate all of each can. They were just as good as the day they were packed ... absolutely no degrading of any kind ... color, texture, taste were perfect. What a quality product! Mountain House says their freeze dried food will store for 25 to 30 years but I am betting that they would store for much longer than that.

    "I have probably 60 cans of Mountain House purchased around 1982-83. I opened these two to give me an idea as to how they had fared without any special storage. I am totally impressed with Mountain House. I bought a lot of it that we used for back country canoe trips up in northern Canada and these were just left over. Actually I had forgotten about them and ran across them just by chance."

  4. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge Emergency Essentials Store Vendor

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