Mayo Clinic Study Implicates Fungus As Cause Of Chronic Sinusitis

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    Took em awhile to figure this out...

    SEEMS they started taking snot from the noses of some and found a FUNGUS in the snot...

    my question is... why did it take em so long to look at the snot and what was in it???

    I also bet many that have allergies are suffering from something similar...

    anyways here is a link... that you can provide to your allergist or Dr.???

    Mayo Clinic Study Implicates Fungus As Cause Of Chronic Sinusitis
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    Again, another astounding exposition of not seeming to understand how science works. The answers to your questions are actually answered in the body of the scientific article that you quoted.:rolleyes:

    (enbolding by chell)

    A different scientific journal, some four years ago identified the scientific technological limitations in investigating the definitive aetiology of chronic rhino-sinusitis.

    (enboldening by chell)

    It would seem that earlier methods of analysing nasal mucus (aka 'snot' for the unscientific) were not adequate for finding the relationship between fungal pathogens and the immune system responses causing Chronic Sinusitis. It is not as if research scientists were unaware of the existence of fungal pathogens in nasal mucus, as a scientific paper published in 2016 demonstrates:

    (Emphasis in pink enboldening by chell)

    The complexity of discovering the biomedical processes by which pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi) interact and cause immune responses to Mucosal Rino-Sinusitis in the human body is recognised in the following scientific paper published in Feb 2019....

    Would that more people were scientifically literate, and less time and fewer resources wasted on 'Intelligent' Design and Creation 'Science'.

    Edit: If you are concerned about the lack of progress of science and medical research in the USA, have a talk with your POTUS.

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    I have for a long time though that the flu is caused by plants or spore's from plants or a spore's from a fungus different trees can cause diseases in other trees the oak tree carries a disease called Rust which affects pine trees as a cycle that goes round and round also a cedar tree has aadisease is called Rust it affects pear trees
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    It took doctors MANY decades of prescribing antacids and bland diets for stomach ulcers before they finally figured out the bacteria H. Pylori was responsible for most ulcers.

    At some point they will come to realize Linus Pauling was right about 'heart disease'....that it's a lack of Vit C, not a cholesterol issue.....and statin drugs are a much worse problem than what it attempts to fix.
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