McCain Moves To Punish The American People

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    From a GOA alert

    Sen. John McCain is at it again.

    The senior senator from Arizona has worked hard to earn an F-rating
    from Gun Owners of America. Once a presidential contender, Sen.
    McCain became the poster boy for the misnamed Americans for Gun
    Safety (AGS) several years ago and has sponsored several anti-gun
    bills and amendments.

    With such a record lurking in his closet, do you think Sen. McCain
    likes it when groups like Gun Owners of America point out his
    anti-gun antics?

    Of course not. So in 2002, Sen. McCain teamed up with anti-gun Sen.
    Russ Feingold (D-WI) to squelch the First Amendment rights of gun
    owners and other Americans. These two men successfully pushed the
    Incumbent Protection Act into law -- an act that stifles the ability
    of organizations like GOA to criticize elected officials before an

    This suits Sen. McCain just fine since he knows the media is going to
    give him a free ride in his upcoming bid for president in 2008. One
    can expect the mainstream media to ignore the big government
    tendencies of candidates like McCain, which is why it's imperative
    for watchdog organizations like Gun Owners of America to be able to
    freely communicate with the American people.

    Not content with the limitations in the Incumbent Protection Act,
    Sen. McCain has struck again. In an effort to reap political
    advantage from the current controversies in Congress, McCain has now
    introduced S. 2128 -- the so-called Lobbying Transparency and
    Accountability Act.

    In this bill, McCain targets his wrath on groups like GOA --
    requiring them to register their "grassroots" communications with
    their members and to file twice as many frivolous reports.

    Sen. McCain would rather shine the spotlight on us and YOU, rather
    than shine the spotlight on himself -- remember, he was one of the
    original Keating Five senators and was the ONLY Republican in the
    Keating Five "team."

    Sen. McCain might try to dismiss the actions he took on behalf of one
    of his biggest contributors, Charles Keating, but as author Mark
    Levin notes, "In John McCain's America, any politician who accepts a
    large contribution or gift from a donor, and then takes steps
    consistent with the donor's interests -- even though there is no
    legal quid pro quo -- is corrupt. Well, then, by his own standard,
    McCain is corrupt."

    Once the Chief of Staff to the Attorney General in the Reagan
    administration, Mark Levin is now a contributing editor for National
    Review Online. He is also a talk show host and the head of the
    prestigious Landmark Legal Foundation in Washington, DC. Levin has
    never been accused of pulling punches, and his discussions over
    McCain's role in the Keating Five are no exception.

    "McCain was the only Republican implicated in the Keating Five
    scandal," Levin points out, "yet today he lectures his party
    and his
    president about 'the corrupting influence' of money in politics. He
    rails against the so-called 'wealthy special interests' and their
    ability to buy access to elected officials, yet this is precisely
    what the Keating Five scandal was all about. And, of course, under
    McCain's current standard, a politician who takes a principled
    position that may benefit a donor is corrupt, even if no law has been

    "The John McCain of old should be thankful that his political fate
    wasn't determined by John McCain the reformer," Levin concludes.

    ACTION: Contact your senators and ask them to oppose S. 2128, John
    McCain's bill to scapegoat grassroots groups for his own moral

    You can visit the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center at to send your Senators a
    pre-written e-mail message such as the one below.

    ----- Pre-written letter -----

    Dear Senator:

    It should come as no surprise that Keating 5 Member John McCain is
    responding to recent inside-the-beltway controversies by attacking
    the First Amendment rights of grassroots groups. His most recent
    travesty masquerading as "reform" legislation is S. 2128.

    A true reform bill would focus the spotlight on members like John
    McCain. Instead, McCain targets his wrath on groups like GOA --
    requiring them to register their "grassroots" communications with
    their members and to file twice as many frivolous reports.

    Perhaps congressional transgressors need to be punished for the
    Abramoff scandal. Perhaps Abramoff needs to be punished for the
    Abramoff scandal.

    But don't try to scapegoat legitimate law-abiding grassroots groups
    for the moral shortcomings of people like John McCain.

    The First Amendment says that, "Congress shall make no law...
    [abridging the right of the people] to petition the Government for a
    redress of grievances." This is a wonderful freedom that has been
    enshrined in our Constitution for more than 200 years. I hope you
    won't place even more restrictions on this precious right.

    Please oppose S. 2128 or any other "reform" bill that would
    outside groups, through which American citizens are better able to
    petition their government and which serve as government watchdogs.


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    The biggest danger is getting between McCain and a camera.
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    Hero? Because he was in a prison camp? Might be for some other reason, but not for that. If ever there was a guy that should fully appreciate what he fought for, it's him. Yet he appears to need a nitroglycerine enema and a good swift boot in the butt. :rolleyes:
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    agreed G
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    Whenever I see McCain I think of the movie "The Manchurian Candidate". I seriously believe the reds did some reprogramming to his gray matter. The guy gives me the creeps.
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