Second Amendment MD gov. pushes anti-gun propaganda to hunters

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    Divide and conquer the hunters vs 2nd Amendment, Constitutionalists.

    "I don't need a 30 rnd magazine to hunt . . . or an AR-15." That's what they hope will happen.......

    MD Governor Exploits Hunter Database Info to Push Gun Control | The Truth About Guns

    MD Governor Exploits Hunter Database Info to Push Gun Control

    Posted on February 8, 2013 by Nick Leghorn
    The state of Maryland has a database of hunters they’ve collected when they purchased hunting permits. But when those hunters wrote down their email addresses, I’m sure the last thing they expected was that Governor Martin O’Malley would use the info to promote his gun control agenda . . .
    The following email, transparently designed to divide and conquer the gun rights community, claims that the “assault weapons” ban and other civilian disarmament proposals O’Malley wants to implement will not impact hunters, so they shouldn’t really care about it. Here’s the email, apparently sent to everyone on the state’s database:
    Governor Martin O’Malley
    February 7, 2013
    Dear Friend,
    I wanted to make sure you are aware of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ latest Junior Waterfowl Hunting Day, which takes place this Saturday, February 9. Junior Hunting Days provide wonderful opportunities for young hunters and their adult mentors to get outside and enjoy the proud tradition of hunting in Maryland.
    Hunting is a part of our history and is woven into the fabric of our State’s culture. We appreciate everything you and all other conservation-minded hunters do for Maryland.
    I also want to take this opportunity to address you directly about the proposal we recently introduced to reduce gun violence. Our goal is to enact common sense proposals to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals, and to try to reduce the risk of a mass shooting like the one that occurred in Newtown.
    Let me be clear: We are committed to protecting hunters and their traditions. That’s why we specifically carved out shotguns and rifles from the licensing requirements of our bill.
    This bill will NOT impact your ability to introduce a young hunter to the sport and the conservation stewardship ethic borne of that experience.
    Good luck on Saturday and I look forward to hearing your stories from the field.
    Martin O’Malley
    Right. Doesn’t want to take away my hunting rifle. When the entire point of the bill is to take away my hunting rifle (pictured at the top).
    And how is this not impacting my “ability to introduce a young hunter to the sport and the conservation stewardship ethic borne of that experience” when he wants it to be illegal for anyone under 21 to posses ammunition?
    Lies, lies and more lies, delivered using state resources and Marylanders’ tax dollars.
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    Gov business as usual.

    Looks like one of those 70,000 full on "hunting rifles for Obama's private army.

    Lights, supressor, etc, yep divide and overthrow the 2nd Amendment.
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    sounds so familiar
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    Could there possibly be a mental defective in the governor's office? Contradictory statements are a hallmark, last I knew.
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    Again, The voters, and Monkeys, in Virginia, need to send the Herr Gov. and eMail, and let him KNOW EXACTLY how they feel about his PRONOUNCEMENT.
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