Measles Outbreak on the west coast

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    I was vaccinated against Small Pox, Polio and the DPT combo when was young along with pneumovax , Meningitis, Hep A, Small Pox booster, Yellow Fever, Malaria and probably some other things in my papers from back then as required when I went overseas I got my immunity from measles the old fashion way from getting it before there was a vaccine.

    They are saying that those that are getting it have not been vaccinated. There is a raging debate over vaccinations but they have never caused any issues for me other than a sore spot at the injection site. and my son 23 had all of the kiddy vaccinations with no issues.

    My grandmother (fathers side) died from TB my mother had a mild case of Polio so it is not at all surprising my mother was fairly aggressive on vaccinations.
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    The whole immunization & Vaccine controversy that surrounded the Mercury Stabilizer, that was used in early Vaccines, and was SAID to cause Autism, in children, has been TOTALLY, AND COMPLETELY DeBunked, in both Scientific, and Medical Literiture.... The Author of that Published Research, that suggested there " might be a Link" admitted that his findings were a FRAUD, and a SCIENTIFIC HOAX. He has been totally discredited in the UK and stripped of his MD Licence, and all affiliations with the Medical Community. As far as I am concerned, he has caused more harm, than Typhiod Mary, and all the other Desease Carriers that ever lived...
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    I have had all my shots. Had chicken pocks as a kid. And have never had any problem due to shot reactions.
    (Other than a needle broken off on my arm due to fighting the nurse as a child).
    Tetanus shots make no sense to me. I have mine, so I am protected, but they want to give me another one each time I am cut or punctured, so why bother?
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    Yes, Jenny McCarthy who qualifies as an expert because she took off he clothes for Playboy and read a debunked "study" on Autism which her child has, her lifestyle in the Playboy mansion is more likely the cause than the Thimerosal vaccine preservative.
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    Even the vaccinated are getting sick in measles outbreak | Fox News
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    There was a mumps outbreak recently. I wonder if a certain batch of the vaccine has shown to be ineffective. On another note it seems like we were all getting updated MMRs at drill back a few months ago...
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    This measles outbreak could get out of hand. The symptoms at first are much like the flu that is going around. Aside from the rash you wouldn't know the difference unless tested. As @Yard Dart link people who have had the shots are falling ill. If you have had an illness that would have compromised your system, check with your Doc because you maybe at risk even if you have received two shots.

    Tetanus now comes in a combo pack. You cannot get just tetanus, you can overseas but according to my Dr. you have to get the DPT shot.
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    Chicken Pox shot would not take on me, I guess the live stock and the dirt inoculated me first.

    Got my Pneumonia shot last year and the SHINGLES too.

    Had all the MIL shots at least 3 times. Never had the Flu since I started the shots. MUMPS? Well we all had the mumps at the same time so that's done.

    If folks would only look at the infant death rates they'd wake up.

    I suppose the out brake is mostly from falsified med records allowing illegal kids to get into school when the come from the alien nation south.

    Yes they will sell you anything at those Flea markets, including the tires off your car you just drove in.

    Falsifying records is just another cottage industry south of the border and in the major cities of the US and Canada.

  9. ghrit

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    The death rate from mumps, measles (both kinds, rubella and rubiola) and chicken pox is so low that it makes zero sense to vaccinate. Anyone over the age of around 40 either is already immune from having survived or was naturally immune anyway. Mom used to say that eating a pound of dirt before age 12 was naturally immunizing. Well, dunno 'bout that, but for sure had my ration of dirt.
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    Incomplete thought/text on my part.

    Should have said. Check the death rate in 3rd world countries as well as the US before vaccines were developed.

    Local Cemeteries are a good indicator for any that want to do true research. Cemeteries with family plots in older communities with a trading center works best. This provides a stable larger family group to track for death rates.

    We have a cemetery right in the center of the town here and you can see when the Flu epidemic hit during WW1. Families deaths are seen with as many as 5 buried over a period of a few months. Other events show a high mortality rate of the young.

    I did this research for a University Class. Makes you a real believer, or not.

    Expect an avalanche in what were once thought to be exterminated diseases if infected immigrants come in and others here are not covered.

    Think Mayan and Aztec.
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  11. ghrit

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    Point taken, but think post WWII medicine as well. The comparison is not the best going from WWI era and lower grade medicine overseas in that same era and before. Granted that more recent immunization skews the statistics some.
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    Ha, there are what, 3 million undocumented illegals in the country? Think any of them have been vaccinated against anything? 3 million Typhoid Mary's just hanging out, shopping where you shop, sending their kids to school with your kids, cooking your food in a restaurant you eat at, and quite possibly rushing to the hospital to get medical attention on your dime because they are not vaccinated.

    Illegal immigration is the root epidemic...
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  13. BTPost

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    I would point out, that Third World, and even Second World, Medicine is not even in the same BallPark, as what is available in this country... In the Third World, a National Hospital (the very BEST they have) would be like going to a local "Doc in the Box" with a motel connected. The Hospital I just was in would be light years better than their VERY BEST Hospital, and my local Hospital is like a Glorified Clinic, with attached Motel, when compared to ANY Regional US Teaching Hospital.... Unless you have been out in the Third World, you just can NOT know what it is like.... There is a REASON, that MDs w/o Boarders take EVERYTHING that they need, with them, when they deploy, to the Third World. It is because if they do NOT bring it with them, there is just no place to get it when they are there. Many of these places have limited Electricity, and NO AirConditioning, and limited Refrigeration, at the National Hospital, and none of that anywhere else in their smaller clinics. Everything Kills people in Third World Countries. It is just a FACT of Life, for them, for which they have little understanding.
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    BT Post and HK User both have valid points.

    My honeymoon twenty years ago to Venezuela was a real eye opener. At the time they could have been considered a solid second world county but no way did you want to go to the "hospital". Now I wouldn't even set foot in the country.

    Here in Boise Idaho you can walk the cemeteries and see where the flu cut a path through the community. Rich, poor, and everything in between; the grave diggers were busy boys in two waves here in town.

    I am personally happy to take any vaccine offered.

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    The other thing here is that many of the diseases Americans were inoculated against and were declared eradicated in the USA that have been reintroduced in different disease mutated strains to the USA by barrys open door policy and we may not be protected against with our inoculated or acquired resistance.

    They are allowing "refugees" in with "latent" TB...WTF?
  16. PapaGrune

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    As part of the great experiment in vaccines I can say that my generation of baby boomers has done OK with them. I stood in line to get "the shot and the sugar cube" . Indie get the mumps ; but my brother and sister didn't. We all got the chicken pods together but several days apart. I do get flu shot's all the time but only 1 this year....Singles shot and the phoumina shot which made every bone-joint in my body hurt.... My take on it is do it. I do know a site where there is a conspiracy on everything. Just pick your favorite group and they are behind it.
  17. Brokor

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    That's because the animal which is has taken on a life of its own. There are many conspiracy theories, an endless parade of idiots and fools who are afraid and will look for a connection with everything. Even so, one should ask where this is all derived. Logically, if so many are afraid, what must be the cause? Also, what purpose does one of insignificance who rattles on about secret dastardly motives have to gain? We should look at who stands to profit from the species in question, not just the validity of the argument itself. I say this because most people operate from outside the circle of known happenings, and despite any amount of investigation, there will always be a certain level of unknowns. Therefore, we should do our best to carefully scrutinize the evidence instead of blindly attacking the messenger.

    I KNOW two things above all else, and this alone helps me to set the stage to be able to diagnose any situation.

    1. I do not trust any government, politician, military, police or corporation. Today, they have been molded into pretty much one entity, which compounds this distrust.
    2. An individual "person" has the capacity to be intelligent, but people, by and large, are quite stupid.
  18. ghrit

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    Mob psychology will do that. Juicy rumors spread faster than the pox, the moreso if there are no facts behind them.
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  19. PapaGrune

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    Brokor... that's some deep shit. I can't disagree with it. It was a little tongue in cheek, but true .
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