Meat loaf

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Bishop, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Bishop

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    Here is how I make my meat loaf it's always a hit even with people that don't like meat loaf.

  2. ochit

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    forgot the kitchen sink :D to me the secret is it's ground chuck you used the better meat with less fat just tastes better.
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  3. Meat

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  4. SB21

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    When you started browning that bacon,,,Ol Scout heard that and started claiming his cut of it,,,:ROFLMAO:
    That looked good there Bishop , looked like it was cooked just rite.
    The best meatloaf I ever had , my grandma made it , must have been 45 years ago , and I can still remember how good it tasted , never had any like it since. She made it out of deer meat , ground up , with just enough sausage mixed in so it wasn't dry ,but not greasy , I don't know what kind of sausage , or how much , but I've been trying to find a meat loaf that could match that , since then. Still lookin' .
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  5. Motomom34

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    @Bishop that was a great video. I have never added bacon to a meatloaf or green beans. I am sure it adds a lot of flavor. Am sure you family enjoyed the dinner you prepared.
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  6. Meat

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    Meat loaf sandwiches or burgers are the best! In Alaska the cook would throw hot dogs in it too. Sometimes it looked like an eyeball. Delicious. :D
  7. Bishop

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    Bella loves it
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  8. Bishop

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    Meat loaf sandwich are the best I put catch up saracha and hot dausa on it and toast my bread man they are good
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  9. Ganado

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    all the flavor is in the fat... nice video Bishop
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  10. Motomom34

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    My meatloaf always comes out dry because I use such lean meat. The bacon would certainly help. I am going wrap in bacon next time I make a meatloaf
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  11. Bishop

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    Use the two eggs bread and the crackers with the bacon cook until the bacon is done and it will be moist
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