Meat preservation

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    this is not with your post but your name under your avatar is the same as my last name --are you by any chance from Florida or have relatives in Florida
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    I do have relatives in Florida . . . but, it's not what you're thinking.

    CATO was the Roman defender of republican virtue and liberty against the usurpations of the tyrant, Julius Caesar. It was also the pseudonym chosen by George Clinton in his "anti-Federalist papers" writings.
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    oh ok ---well I'm native American Indian and its my last name and from what I was told by my family it also means mighty warrior,he who protects----nice to know we both fight evil where it is ty for the come back
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    You guys never watched "the pink panther" --LOL. Seriously, do names make the person or the person make the name?
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    When the Roman statesman, Cicero, began his rise to power, he was advised to change his name; which means "chickpea" in Latin. He refused, saying that he would make it a name to be proud of instead. Indeed -06, the person makes the name.
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    Great find @CATO !
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    You can also extend how long you can keep the meat, by raising it yourself and butchering and process when you need it ;)

    I second it. Great link!
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    Excellent article! This can be cut and pasted to a Word document, complete with pics. I added it to my Survival Food Prep info. Thanks, Cato!
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