medal of freedom winner tenet speaks out now.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Apr 28, 2007.

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    Watching msnbc tonight, Olberman had a storyabout how George Tennet head of the cia during the beginning of the iraq war is now coming out talking about how in the build up days before thewar, the senate intelligence comittee was readiing inteligence analysis which directly contradicted the story sold to the american public yet he and colin powell were powerless ( sworn to secrecy ) to speak out.and enlisted to."improve " the inteligence so it supported the case for going to war.And so thousands of young americans are dead or maimed( no to mention iraqi civilians.and hussein: a bastard no doubt(we supported him when it was good for us).this makes me sick. I was unsure about iraq until colin went beforethe UN security council.even then his bearing waivered just alittle: the whole thing didn't feel
    failed the gut check
    Ex-military, I respected General colin powell (retired) and the prez without question, Now my bed rock of faith, the blind faith enlisted men place in their leaders has been shat on like one of sheryl crows paper squares. I hope we see a full blown call for charges and impeachment of these bastards.and I voted for the machivalian ( spelled right?) imp from kennebunkport (MAINE NOT TEXAS) :mad::mad::mad:[reddevil][flag][flag]AAAArrrrggghhhh...[beat][beat]
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    Before the war I knew we doing the wrong thing, now we are in it. We better finish this right. If we don't I think we will regert it beyond our worst emagination. [dunno]

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    Sunni on shiite violence??? why the answer is good ol us style gun control, ofcourse...[touchdown]:sick:[dunno][LMAO][LMAO]
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