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    Our bathroom is a complete mess. We have 2 kids and they just mess up everything placed in the bathroom. So we are planning to organize our bathroom. First of all, we have to lessen the things congested in our bathroom. We have decided to buy a Mirrored medicine cabinet so that we can the cabinet as a mirror as well as a medicine cabinet. But I searched in many shops, but I was not able to find one. Just now I saw one of that kind online

    I don’t have much experience in buying online. Does anyone here have any experience buying online. Are they reliable?? Any suggestions are greatly welcomed. Thanks in advance.
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    Buying on line from a reputable source works fine. But in this case, I suggest hieing yourself off to home de-pot or lowe's and see what they have UNLESS you have a way to check this outfit for reliability and quality.
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    We buy a lot of stuff online and have never had a problem. Usually we buy via Amazon. I have never been stiffed. That said, this particular unit seems expensive to me. Shop Lowes or Home Depot on line or Amazon would be my suggestion.
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    I Concur with ghrit....check out HD's website Medicine Cabinets - Bathroom Cabinets & Storage - Bathroom Vanities & Cabinets -  The Home Depot You may be able to get a comparable unit for a better price from a local HD bricks and mortar store. The store may have run-out stock for a discounted prices which may also be worth considering.

    Depending on the ages of your children, you may wish to consider securing it if they are very young. Much depends upon what you intend storing in it. First aid supplies are probably best kept in a portable container that can be taken to the scene of the
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    We buy EVERYTHING online, mainly because I get tired of running around searching the stores for it. And, normally it is much cheaper. But, for an item like this, since you will want to ensure it's exactly what you want, I concur with all the rest that recommended Lowe's or Home Depot. Look online first at their websites and see what interests you then go to the store with the model number and see if they have one you can look at to give it the scratch test (is the quality good, does it do everything you need, ...). If the don't have one on display, you can order it online and have it delivered to your home or to the store. It is nice to have some things delivered directly to the store because then before you walk away you can inspect the item for damage right there instead of having to lug it back to the store...I speak from experience on that when I ordered some 8'x10' rugs and they arrived in very bad condition.

    @chelloveck You guys have Home Depot and/or Lowes down there in Aussieland? I am sure you have something at least equivalent but interested to know if either of these stores are International.
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    The local big box hardware chain is Bunnings...there was a competing Hardware chain (Masters) backed by Lowes, the American Hardware chain, but the experiment did not end well for Masters, with some heart ache for both Woolworths (Masters' parent company), and Lowes.

    Bunnings operate along similar lines to Home Depot and Lowes, as far as I can tell, with in-store stock and special orders lines. Bunnings will also price match + up to 10% discount (terms and conditions apply). I worked for some 6 years with Bunnings.
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    Thank you all for your suggestions.. I've decided to buy it online.. Hope it'll be of good quality. I'll be careful to place them where my kids cannot reach, because I'm sure that they'll break it within few days if they can reach it.
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