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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by Pax Mentis, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Marijuana is now legal in over half the states in the US for medicinal purposes. At the same time, there are many people who believe that medical marijuana is just a scam by people who just want to get high. I would like to generate discussion on the subject while we are careful not to advocate illegal acts such as marijuana use where it is not legal.

    I live in Oregon where medical use of pot (shorter to type and I’m lazy) has been legal for some years and it is now legal even without a doctor’s OK and for recreational use…but I will address strictly the medical use.

    I volunteered for a number of years with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Project (OMMP) delivering medical pot to prescription cardholders with no access and gained a fair amount of second hand info from the people I visited. My wife was also a cardholder for her final 3-4 years and I had a closer view then. However, I did not have personal experience until very recently.

    About 6 weeks ago, I discovered that I have a fairly virulent form of colorectal cancer…one with a <3% 2 year survival rate. I have been in pre-surgery chemo and radiation therapy for about 2 1/2 weeks now. Between the cancer itself, the poison I take to weaken it and the 5 day per week radiation therapy, it results in frequent and fairly high grade abdominal cramping and pains best described as feeling as if one had a thin bladed knife inserted into their rectum. Opioids such as Hydrocodone and Oxycodone will provide some relief but come with a side effect of constipation (a serious problem for one with a tumor obstructing their intestine) and, of course the danger of addiction and overdose.

    I have found (completely legally, one does not even need a prescription here to purchase in a licensed pot store) that 2 drags off of a pipe of high THC pot almost immediately relieves the cramping entirely and softens the “knife” pain to the point that it is “ignorable”.

    To me, these benefits make (for those Monkeys living in a state that allows one to do so) it worthwhile to “seal a meal” an oz or 2 and a small stock of seeds from a high potency strain for whatever may come. I believe we are looking at a matter of only a very few years before the remaining jurisdictions can no longer justify the prohibition…especially with more data yearly on the dropping rate of prescription opioid overdose in the areas that make alternatives legally available.

    It becomes more difficult daily to deny the medical uses with any level credibility.
  2. Ura-Ki

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    ONE WORD, EDIBLES!!! Try some of the oils that have had the narcotic element removed and you get all the positive effects with out the "high" I hope things work out for you in the struggles you are facing, its a hard road, and pain can be a real changer in your bodies ability to fight for it's self, This may help that. Keep a positive attitude and you can beat this. Prayers sent your way!!!
  3. snake6264

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    I think this shall be huge in the future 3-5 years
  4. BTPost

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    WARNING WARNING... Be very careful about disclosing use of Federally ILLEGAL Substances, on Social Media, or in Public, and even on the Monkey.... Some of our forums ARE Indexed by Google, and therefor are available on the Internet, FOREVER... The reason is: If you ever go to Purchase a FireArm from an FFL, and fill out an ATF Form 4473, and answer the Question on use of "POT" in the negative, The FEDs can prosecute you for Purjury, as ALL Answers on that form are UNDER PENALTY OF PURJURY.... YOU could also be documented to NICS, As a Prohibited Person, for acknowledging use of POT, on a Public Forum.... As far as I know, this has NOT YET happened, but I for ONE, would NOT Like to be the First... Word to the Wise....
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    My Aunt lives in a state where medical marijuana is legal. Auntie had a lot of back pain due to a fall. Her doctor refused to prescribe mj and insisted that my Aunt take pain killers. My Aunt did not want prescribed pain killers due to her age, the addiction risk etc... I think it is sad that many health care professionals would rather prescribe a pharmaceutical that could cause harm in the long run.

    @Pax Mentis [grouphug]and strength sent your way.
  6. Bishop

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    This is my opinion on MJ if you have a real medical problem and it helps to treat what ever the problem maybe then use it

    Problem is the people that use it for recreational uses and the people that sell it hurt the community I coach a lot of ball and see kids using at 12 and 13 years old kids that have amazing gift at sports two kids that I have coached now 17 have dropped out of school and are getting into trouble and won't go nowhere in life because of MJ and will soon move up to harder drugs and I am sure that there are people that will say I am full of shit and most likely they use to if you need it for medical reasons then by all means use it
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  7. 3M-TA3

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    @Pax Mentis I'm very sorry to hear of your cancer. You are in my prayers. My wife has had to use edibles periodically to deal with pain. Even though pot is legal here, get your medical marijuana card. The price will be lower, the strength higher, and you can get as much as you need. Before my wife got hers we had to go to the store every other day due to recreational limitations,

    Your results may differ, but she found that "That Taffy" Indica was the best for managing body pain. It also comes in recreational dosages. I hope you find relief and beat the odds.
  8. Mindgrinder

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    This is a parenting problem - not a weed problem. Good time for you to go "coach" them that it's not good for their growing brains.
  9. Mindgrinder

    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja|RIP 12-25-2017

    Results will not vary - it's well understood that Indica strains are best for pain management and restful sleep. (also good to increase appetite during chemo or if you have chronic insomnia as I do)

    Top 5 Best Weed Strains for Pain Relief

    Where results DO vary a great deal is edibles.
    When using edibles, it's very very important to take it slow and start with a small dose until you know how your body will react. Due to the length of effect, if you take too much it's likely to be a very uncomfortable buzz for hours.

    The argument for CBD vrs THC is still raging but it seems pretty clear to me that both have purpose and some experimentation is required to find the desired effect.
  10. chelloveck

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    Pax, to the extent that THC has proven medicinally therapeutic benefits, demonstrated by evidence based, peer reviewed science, it is actual medicine, rather than 'alternative' medicine when taken as prescribed, and for the purpose that it is being prescribed. One of the challenges with regards to THC as a therapeutic medication is separating it from the moral and legal stigmas that have negatively coloured the conversation about decriminalising THC for therapeutic use.

    I think that over time, more jurisdictions will decriminalise THC for medically therapeutic purposes. This will offer much legal relief for the chronically, and terminally ill and their carers. It will also help otherwise moral and law abiding folk avoid depending on illicit sources of THC to help them deal with their medical issues.
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  11. Sgt Nambu

    Sgt Nambu RIP 4/19/2018

    Blessings on you, pax mentis! And on your wife 3M!
  12. enloopious

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    As for the Legality of pot it is a pretty clear sign that our fedgov does not remove it from the books because big pharma has a strangle hold on the Democracy (no surprise there). I have had hospice care workers in the family and they are told by their boss who is in turn told by a SALES REP not to recommend pot to their patients. They have said that it is a BAD drug with addiction properties etc. I have personally seen the nurses wrestle it away from a 90yo lady who had vaginal tumors the size of grapefruit. She had 1-2 months left and the nurses "didn't want her to be addicted to drugs" and that was the reason for their aggressive behavior. Its a load of crap.

    As for medicinal uses and cures for cancer there are a few different things getting out now. My buddy uses CBD oil directly on the pain areas for amazing results. This location has legalized recreational use so he just goes down to the corner to get it from the pot shop. He smokes it for fun as well and to tell you the truth he is a million times better on pot than alcohol.

    There is also some amazing results from the University of Alberta Canada that I have seen. I read it a while ago so you will have to look it up but I believe their results included a Ketogenic diet.
    A Ketogenic Diet for Beginners - Diet Doctor
    Cure for cancer patent
    Another patent

    There is also a lot of information showing that chemo and radiation feed the cancer cells. I don't want to have an argument about traditional vs alternative medicine but I think people should know that there are other theories out there. I have had several people in my family die from cancer including an aunt last week and all of them have tried the traditional methods with very bad results. So when it comes to that if I ever get cancer there is no way in hell I am going to do radiation and/or chemo. These family members went from being a 'little sick' to immediately being hospitalized and living the rest of their days out as zombies or WORSE.
  13. Brokor

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    Rockefeller medicine has always been a scam. Too bad they've infiltrated, influenced and now control much of the world's medical industry.

    Seriously, if it's legal you really ought to get as much bud as possible and tincture it with potent alcohol like a quality vodka for a few hours at least, then mash it a bit, then strain it and finally reduce it carefully in a well ventilated and safe place under steady heat with a fire extinguisher at the ready. An outdoor shed would suffice instead of the kitchen. You will want to add a little at a time until it is all reduced to a thick sludge. Funnel the sludge tar into Coughlan's tubes and take about a dime size amount as needed. Potent, very useful. Destroy the used marijuana, do not try to smoke it or eat it. A 5 gallon bucket will produce enough for a tube, or thereabout depending on your cooking method.
  14. Look up Rick Simpson oil. If its easier and more discrete for discussion, the plant discussed in this thread is also commonly referred to as MMJ (medical...). Trust nothing of big pharmaceutical. I have friends and family who have benefited from the medicinal properties of this plant (one friend currently treating MS with it, and another with 2 different kinds of Cancer... one of which is Stage 4 Liver). Stigmas be damned... if it works, why not?
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  15. Seacowboys

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    I tend to agree with Brokor in that big Pharm has the reins. They have booooed us to death with scary scenarios that just haven't happened and the beneficial use seems to be working. I am 100% for medications that can be grown in your own flower-pot, and also for Freedom and Liberty. End the stupid-ass War on Drugs. Surrender fools, we all lost. My mother put me to sleep as a baby, with tincture of opium. Half of the United States are chewing opiate derivatives like M&Ms just to get out of bed. Smartest thing to do is create a huge black-market where cartels can flourish, urban gangsta culture can drive big-wheel Mercedes, and cops can confiscate everything you own if they find drug residue on a worn $20 bill in your back pocket.
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  16. Bishop

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    No it's both I have talked to both kids and then some weed is a hearb weed helps with this and that they use it for medical reasons and other than if you need it for a medical problem where it helps with pain or any other medical reasons and there are many it helps

    Weed don't make you smarter faster stronger or better looking if I need to get high I will get it with a adrinalin rush by jumping out of planes helo casting fast ropeing shark fishing in my kayak catching Gators noodling

    With that said there are many that it helps and with out it they would have a hard time dealing with there issues
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  17. Bandit99

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    @Pax Mentis WTH? It's legal and it helps. So, try it. And, frankly, from my own childhood experiences, all this crap of it being addictive is - well - crap. I don't think putting any kind of smoke into one's lungs is a smart idea but I would rather see a kid smoke pot than see him drink Jack Daniels or whatever. And, yes, I do drink. And, yes, I smoked pot as a kid. But, I come to that opinion from life's experiences growing up in a harsh neighborhood where reality would bite, and damn hard. I think marijuana has sort of been treated like absinthe in that wineries got absinthe banned. Anyway, that's my opinion, and if it helps then I think there is no question in its use.
  18. Mindgrinder

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    This is NOT how you make oil AT ALL.
    DO NOT use vodka for Christs use 99.9% isopropyl alcohol and a double boiler.
    DO NOT do this indoors - EVER.
    When it's fully legal here in Canada i'll make a video for ya'll...
  19. Brokor

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    Anything alcohol based will work, big guy. I just prefer to use that which may be consumed, even though the isopropyl alcohol will burn away and evaporate. It does the same thing. Moonshine would be optimal. And if you just wanted the oil you can perform the same task taken to make essential oils by distillation. This isn't oil, it's every molecule stripped by the alcohol to make a thick tar.
  20. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    Seen an 84 YO woman come off pills like skittles candies & use MED DOPE in eating style .
    She is much nicer & moves better,

    Big Pharmacy , I agree

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