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  1. I am aware we can create penicillin using natural resources we have and we can stock up on this. Now this is just an antibiotic for bacterial infections. The question is on viral infections. I know the most common medicine for this has to consist of something with Aciclovir in it. I am curious if this is something that could be obtained without modern medicine. Something we could create during an economical crash. Something we could make on our own in the mountains. Anyone have any idea about this. Also if we would need to stock up on this what about expiration dates? How long will it last? How long will something like this take to make? I am prepared with penicillin. But what about a viral infection. Something that needs medicine to cure.

    Please no let the weak die off. Some of the people that may catch a viral infection maybe an important asset to your team! :)

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    Creating DIY anti viral medications is probably not going to be much of an option: most would not have the expertise nor the equipment / facilities for doing so. Preventive medicine will become more important when 21st century medical technology is no longer readily available; that, and maintaining a healthy immune system, effective hygiene, sanitation, maintaining good nutrition and isolating patients with communicable diseases.

    Edit: Anti bacterials will still have some benefit in dealing with secondary opportunistic bacterial infections enabled by an diminished immune system compromised by the original viral infection. A number of herbal and edible plants have anti bacterial and immune system enhancingproperties.

    Barrier nursing procedures and the use of face masks would be prudent in dealing with person to person pneumonic transmission of infection. Undoubtedly spitting on the ground will not only become not only a socially unacceptable practice, but it will probably return to being the legal misdemeanor it once was when tuberculosis was a common disease with no cure.
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    Viral infections require Anti-viral medication. Anti-viral medication requires working with live viruses, and viruses mutate. Even the common flu virus changes each season, and the flu shot is really a cocktail of several of the most likely strains (after processing/antibodies/ect)
    There are labs with sample of plague (live) for the purpose of discovering how it kills and mutates. These are high security places, because it is too damn dangerous to be messing around with. They are (in the wrong hands, a weapon of mass destruction).
    In a post SHTF, someone messing with viruses will not live long, either from what they are doing, or from someone knowing what they are messing with and stopping them.
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    Colloidal silver? Seriously I don't know. Anyone smarter than me care to chime in on benefits of colloidal silver?
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    @kellory Thanks for the link, although I was looking for some members that are homeopaths or practice alternative medicine. I already knew that silver was used a lot pre-antibiotic days going back to antiquity.

    Anyone here with input from the alternative medical or actual medical community?
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    I know they use a tincture of silver on mouth ulcers, to speed healing.
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    Use the site search function. There was quite a bit of discussion a couple years ago.
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    I have done a bit of reasearch on this , my dog got in a fight and got his ear punctured and knawed a bit I checked at our drug store and they looked it up and ordered a gel of the silver and it is really improving the healing. I was cleaning it well and started him on antibiotics but it was slow , the silver gel rel helped and I like the idea that you can make the solution fairly easy and it is good in you are on you.
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    Check this out. Silverlon Silver Dressings Expensive, but effective. I've used it overseas to pack wounds. When I came back around to check after 5-7 days, I pulled it out and the wound looked great. I could see a role for it post-SHTF when daily wound dressing changes (especially packings) may not be practical due to time or supply economy.

    That said, I assume no responsibility for anything anyone does because of what they read on the internet, even when written by me.
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    How do the rest of us get some of these silverlon dressings?
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    Try Amazon silverlon Remember to use the link on Survivalmonkey so the site gets a cut.

    I prefer the 4"x66" roll for versatility.
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    Colloidal silver has had variable medical support over the years. Prior to the pharmaceutical development of modern antibiotics, colloidal silver was a standard medical nostrum. The scientific support for the efficacy of colloidal silver and silver nano-particles is equivocal. Medical uses of silver - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The taking of colloidal silver, particularly on a long term basis is not without medical risk, Agyria, being but one contraindication of colloidal silver usage. Argyria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The good news is that Agyria allegedly has few medical complications other than making you look like an Avatar. demotivational poster AVATAR 2 Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid !

    The medical literature would seem to indicate that the benefits of colloidal silver are marginal at best and the medical risks due to silver toxicity may outweigh its claimed benefits.

    Colloidal silver: Is it safe or effective? -

    Colloidal Silver Is Toxic - The Dark Side of a New Health Craze
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    Check out a book called 'Herbal Antibiotics'. The first edition had a wound powder that would kill almost anything. I know, I got a staph infection that landed me in the hospital for a week on IV antibiotics. About a year later, I got a sore like before, and I made some of the powder and put it on. The sore cleared up very quickly. In the hospital, I had MRSA. I don't know if the new sore was the same, but I'm not taking any chances.

    The second edition is good for different reasons, but the wound powder formula isn't in there. if you can't find the book, let me know and I'll see if I can share it some other way, or find you a copy.
    1st Ed ISBN: 9780717131303
    2nd Ed ISBN: 9781603429870
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    Long term use of ANY heavy metal is not going to be good for the human body, as it takes time for your kidneys to process and dispose of that material. Rheumatoid Arthritis patients can receive gold injections (the gold is suspended in solution, which is injected into the bloodstream, which then carries it to the joints, where it helps protect them by making a more viscous surface, which will reduce the swelling that is a by-product of the joints being torn up by the RA), but only for a certain amount of time, and have to be regularly monitored for heavy metal levels in their bodies. Once they reach a certain setpoint, they have to stop taking the injections, or face toxic poisoning.

    The best defense for ANY virus is a strong immune system. Your best bet is to eat right, exercise, and stay away from those silly anti-bacterial soaps & hand washes. I swear, the more people use those things, versus simply washing with hot water and regular soap, the sicker they get! It's not a bad thing to be exposed to germs, as they actually HELP you to strengthen your immune system.

    The thing that worries me? When our government decides that there's no danger from certain diseases, like smallpox, and takes the vaccination off the market. Nowadays, you can't even get your kids innoculated if you want to, since there's no medicine available to give them. So what happens when some rogue nation decides to bomb us with smallpox, versus dirty weapons?? After seeing the ineptitude of FEMA after Katrina and Sandy, do you really trust them to innoculate millions of younger folks within days of that kind of attack??
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    Ever see this movie:
    Smallpox (TV 2002) - IMDb

    I taped it, and now I'm going to try and put it onto a DVD. I don't know how much the tape has degraded in 11 years, but I have hopes. I can't seem to find it anywhere. It was a docudrama, but I thought it could be important, if only to showcase what could happen, in the hands of one person.
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    Due to having illness currently in our home, the thought of what if SHTF and we couldn't get the meds that we needed. Now I know that there are herbs that can be used as antibiotics. I tried oil of oregano but it didn't agree with me.

    It keeps running through my head what if I could not get Albuterol. This is a staple on hand and we use as needed, but what if it ever was gone. I recalled today in the movie Anne of Green Gables that they used ipecac for an expectorant. I have decided that I need to find a very old medical book. Not just for what if but also they didn't have modern medicine and I think much of the medical profession has been lost now that drs can throw a drug at most everything.
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    The best expectorant (IMHO) is water. Stay well hydrated and it will keep the mucous thinner so one can cough it up. Ipecac was used as an emetic, not an expectorant, but is no longer commercially available to the best of my knowledge.
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    Acyclovir is used to treat the symptoms of the herpes virus which causes genital herpes, shingles, and the chickenpox. It does not cure, but may help prevent future breakouts. To the best of my knowledge there are few, if any medications that treat viruses. Best option to prevent them is good hand hygiene, plenty of fluids, and eating well. All of these promote a healthy immune system, as well as limit possible ways that a virus can get inside of you.

    As for penicillin, please be aware that some are allergic to this medication and as such it would produce other complications if administered. Also that dosing from a homemade source can be difficult at best as the medication will not have been made under industry conditions and consistency will be tough to obtain or maintain. Finally, please be advised that penicillin is only effective against certain types of bacteria. It's use against a bacteria of another type will not only be ineffective, but will also deplete your supply.

    I have read, not attempted, of using honey or sugar to pack a wound which creates an environment that is less than ideal for bacteria to thrive. I know that hospitals use Dakin's solution which can be homemade through the following link.
    By soaking dressings in this mixture and then packing a wound you can also create an environment that is not hospitable to the growth of bacterial. Probably cheaper and definitely a DIY option when compared to the silver dressings.


    I don't have a good solution for the Albuteral. Are you using it for the treatment of asthma, COPD or CHF exacerbation, really bad seasonal allergies, something else entirely? Diet changes may help, as well as attempting to drink lots of fluids and remain healthy. Your proposed solution, as pointed out, would not be the best option as well as being hard to obtain.

    Just my .02
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