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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by swampboy, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Initially I searched for meetup groups in my area for basic survival prepping. The only ones I've found seem to be hard-core, advanced type stuff (e.g., how to make your own knife). I'm thinking about starting a new meetup in my area for basic survival prepping. I'm a newbie at prepping, but I'm thinking it might be fun and educational to try to connect with some like-minded folks where we can learn together.

    Do any of you belong to (or visited) a meetup group that's focused on basic prepping? Do you think it's a reasonable idea? Any recommendations?

  2. snowbyrd

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    PM me

    I may be able to help, out of area but dun hep't people get started.
  3. beast

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    been talkin to some people in my area
    several would like me to set up a disaster prep group
    monthly meetings and such
    im still thinkin on it but im leanin towards doin it
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    Monthly, yeah, just about every 28 days or so the wifey encourages me to find something to do away from the homestead.. Or at least out at the back of the property... lol.. :eek:
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    Several yrs ago we started having bi-annual mtgs here in NC. We rented a nice 4-H camp with attached rifle ranges. It has worked well for the last 12 yrs. We meet 7-8-9 Oct down by the lake in a BO mode. We do not have monthly mtgs and are not organized in any fashion. We are not a "group" but simply a gathering of internet friends. Am sure we are on an infinate number of "lists" but we do/say/teach nothing that should raise their attention. BS can go to any level but that is true anywhere. Just pick a place, pick a time/date, and openly invite folks. Have events of interest planned--we "teach" ourselves. Amazing what knowledge/skills folks have and are willing to share it. I guess in the back of our minds we realize that we may have to rely upon each other at some time and in some manner. Best part of gatherings is just the fellowship of kindred spirits. We all have in mind our surviving in the face of adversity and conditions beyond our control. Hope your meetings go well and please "holler" if I can be of any help.
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