Megadeth frontman makes connection b/w shootings and gun laws

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by CATO, Aug 16, 2012.

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    Just a guy voicing his opinion...after F&F, is it really out of the realm of possibilities? Seeing this makes me think that more people are seeing through the lies than I originally thought.

    Maybe this will get some young people to pull their heads out of the sand.

    On a side note: I prefer musicians to write songs about issues (e.g., Charlie Daniels, Neil Young) than to use their podium to preach about an issue (e.g. Bono, Dixie Chicks, Springsteen, ++)
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    I think that folks promoting these sorts of conspiracy theories are giving the White House way too much credit. None of the idiots in D.C. seem to able to find their a$$e$ with both hands. Pulling off this sort of coordinated terror campaign may be within the capability of a half dozen poorly educated goat herders, but it isn't within the capability of the people running our government.

    I'm convinced that if the Mafia hadn't been involved in the JFK assassination, the government couldn't have managed it; not on their own.
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    Don't believe the WH was behind the CO shooting. I agree with tulianr that they just aren't that smart/capable. Firm believer if Joseph Kennedy hadn't double crossed the mob, Jack wouldn't have died in Dallas. On the other hand, I believe they are absolutely pros on capitalizing on a bad situation to advance their agenda. Do hope it at least makes the younger generation think. My 17 yr old often says that we know 2 different Americas, and the one I speak of is long gone. She really doesn't remember a time before 9/11. Makes me so sad, because as much as I hate to admit it, she's right. For the next generation, gov't involvment in EVERYTHING in the name of security is the norm.
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    I think just the opposite, my example is Fast and Furious (FF) FF was was used in the media to blame the gun owners and sellers of the US, am I the only that remembers the press conferences about the need to close loop holes and sales because Americans were supplying to cartels? Yes it did fail but what if it didnt, how many other operations didnt fail and were used accordingly. The interviews from Colorado are clear, people have stated, two people were involved. One man answered a cell phone, he got up, opened the rear door. The term conspiracy is not a boogie man word, it is found in every penal code book of every state in our nation. Two or more people who plot or plan to commit an illegal act.
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