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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tully Mars, May 21, 2015.

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    A few weeks back our family was contacted by a veteran's group that is planning on honoring those Alabama veterans who have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. My wife's uncle is one of those men. At 08:00 on the 25th they will unveil a marble and bronze plaque in honor of Sgt. Ross F. Gray USMC. We will of course be attending and will have his CMH on display for the service. We are all very proud to be asked to be a part of this. My wife and an aunt are life members of the Marine Corp Auxiliary, and take that very seriously. While neither of us are veterans we both come from military families who can trace their service back to the War of Northern Aggression.

    Sadly, nowadays this weekend is nothing more than an extra day off and 3 day sales events for many Americans. It is our hope that everyone here will, at one point during the Memorial Day weekend, stop and think about what it really is all about. What these Men and Women who serve or have served have given to all the rest of us, and just how high the price of freedom can be.

    To all the veterans here you have our family's gratitude and most sincere thanks for your service.

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    Very true. Iwill be enjoyin the day with a case of beer & remembering my dad / pap ( gran dad). ( navy) ww2& korea.& every one of my friends i gre up with ,who went into service. Lost or not. Takin paypal donations for the bail tho. .
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    Some quiet moments. Some things just don't get resolved.
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    I will be " Remembering the Seals that died in Operation Red Wings & Red Wings II" and the Team that was sent in to get retribution, for that loss.... God Bless those that "Paid the Ultimate Price" and those Avenging Angels, that made the Bad Guys pay for their Sins.... Dearly....
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    I will be remembering that distant grandfather who arrived on our shores on a prison ship and captained a ship during the revolution.. And all the others that have sworn that oath to the constitution and have served in our many military engagements.. I owe them much and will not sully their memory with dishonor!

    And Semper Fi, Sgt Gray..
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    Each day is a remembrance day.
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    Remembering all those who gave so much. One was a cousin of mine. Six of us more brothers than cousins. Spent our young years together. Hoed many hundreds of rows of Hardeman county dryland cotton, one-wayed fields after the wheat harvest. Spent a hundred small town Texas Saturday nights doing the things teen boys do.Beer,pickups,and girls involved. Then came Vietnam. Over the next few years four of us went. Three of us made it through. Sgt. Roger W. Fellers was taken down by a mine on 1/2/70 in a battle at Tay Ninh. He left behind a wife and two beautiful baby daughters. And a hole in the lives of all the rest of us.To you Roger a toast,salute, and a trip down the backroads of my mind remembering a brother and the innocence of youth.
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    Wow! A Sapper's Sapper! An amazing man if ever there was one! I spent 18 months clearing and em placing minefields on the DMZ in the ROK while not taking fire and that was a unbelievably taxing! Difficult to imagine doing it with the Imperial Japanese Army trying to kill you! A true Hero! Thank you Sir!
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    As a family we attend the service at Fort Logan National Cemetery. We pray for the fallen, we thank the living.
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    I have 3 friends buried there.
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    I was proud dad and very happy to get a pic from my young marine a week or so ago....
    He was able to go to the NY Met's baseball game recently for their salute to the military and represent the Marines during the ceremony!!
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