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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pax Mentis, May 25, 2012.

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    I have a "pet peeve" about folks seemingly confusing Memorial Day with Veterans' Day...

    As a combat vet who was fortunate enough to survive the experience when many of my friends did not, I find I resent it when people speak of honoring all vets this weekend. Memorial Day is a day to honor specifically those who are no longer among us, not to thank those of us who are for our service. IMO, this detracts from the true meaning.

    Anyone else feel this way or am I just a pedantic grumpy old man...?

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    If it weren't for the fact that we have "won" the wars, I would say Memorial Day should only be a day of reflection and mourning. Of course, a nice BBQ outside with some family and a few beers isn't entirely out of the question, either. For many, they have the day off, and that alone gives reason to celebrate...even if it is supposed to be a day to remember the fallen.
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    Pax - I don't think there's anything wrong in being educated - or helping others be.

    Kids and I will be at the local memorial cemetery "flagging" the sites of lost vets.

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    IMO, telling a vet "THANKS" is never wrong or in poor taste. They have lost "brothers" that they will never forget, carry memories they cannot shake off, and often wear scars of things that surgery cannot remove. Thanks guys and thanks for those who did not make it back.
    We have many right now under fire, receiving incoming, and missing their loved ones half a continent away--thanks guy/gals. We love you, pray for you, and miss you. Big HAND SALUTE to each of you and covers off to our fallen as we remember our buds gift to us.
  6. Sapper John

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    Every day is Memorial day for me!
  7. Mechwolf

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    Pax... you are right. Memorial day is supposed to be a day to remember the fallen. As a Vet I don't feel this day should be about me. However I agree -06 it is never in bad taste to tell a Veteran thank you. For most of us who have served or who have family or friends that have served we tend to honor the holiday for what it is. Civilians who have never paid attention to history or who just don't care are the ones who solely think it is a day to bbq and get drunk.

    Some Americans have never had war or conflict directly affect them. These people are the most susceptible to just partying and not even taking the time to reflect on what the day is about. Unfortunately some people can't be changed.
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  8. wrc223

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    Memorial day weekend. Always a unique celebration in my family. Tomorrow we (Kids, wife, and I) will get up early and go to my great uncle's grave. He died on a beach in Normandy. Then we will go to my uncle's grave. He died in De Nang in 1971. My oldest made flags to put next to their headstone and we talk about how these are the men and women who allow us to be the greatest Nation in the world.
    Then we head off to the range and use our second ammendment right for a while.
    Then its off to have a back yard cookout with the whole extended family.
    Sunday we get to grab the engine and head up to the city and participate in a memorial day parade. This year a Sgt. from Fort Drum who lost his left leg and arm is the guest speaker (There will be a big suprise for him though, I will share more next week). Then it is to the VFW where the wife and I will be working the grills for the steak roast to benefit the VFW and Wounded Warrior Project.
    Monday we will attend services at the local American Legion and then come back home where we will finally be able to just kick back, take a deep breath, and take something out of the freezer that I killed and fire up the charcoal grill.

    Veterans day I buy gift certificates at the local steakhouse and give them to the combat vets I work with (we have 4 combat vets). My girls like to make thank you cards to put the certs in. Then we take my Dad (and mom) out to dinner somewhere. Nothing big but a little way of saying thank you to guys who went somewhere to get shot at so we can sit here in peace.
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    I also agree that it is never bad to thank a vet for his/her service. I do feel that Memorial Day should be a time to remember those who died serving our country. Veterans Day is a great time to honor those who have and are serving. At least around here there seems to be more people who recognize that Memorial Day has to do with people serving their country and not just a day for BBQ. With that said ... All who fought for me...Thank you. For those who lost a loved one fighting for me a sincere thank you and my heart goes out to you. I am ever in their debt.
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    While I agree with Pax in spirit... Whenever a military member dies on duty/combat ... a little bit of his fellow veterans/combatants also dies... as a result ... I don't begrudge anyone who want's to celebrate any vet on memorial day...
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    Wow! You and your family are amazing. I salute all of you. But did you have to make the rest of us feel like such slackers? ;)
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    Just carryin along a tradition that has lasted my entire life. If I didnt carry it along, Gramps will "wake up, dig himself out, find me, and give me the ass whoopin I deserve for not carryin the tradition forward" (his words before he died).
    He always said that he lost a brother and a son in service to our country, if the family cant get out there to pay proper respect then he doesnt want them as family.
    We added in the day at the VFW because a close friend of mine is a member there and they needed the extra set of hands 2 years ago. You know how it works, once you do something (and do a good job at it) then it becomes your job.
    I rarely turn down an oppertunity to participate in community events. I feel it is this service to community that allows me the ability to walk up to any of our local farms and borrow a piece of equipment or hunt on the land and the only thing the farmer will do is wave to me as I go through, they take care of me and I take care of them.
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