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    The following is from one of my Dad's journals.

    This is a salute to the memory of a man I never knew. I saw him twice, once in life, once in death. He gave his life to his country, not on the field of battle but in training for the battles he never fought.

    Second Lieutenant Robert O. Scherer was killed while on a combat training mission, flying with the First Army at Pine Camp, NY in August, 1935 while the war clouds were just a tiny speck of unpleasantness in the blissful sky over pre-war Europe.

    I never knew him, where he came from or where he is buried but I want to remember this man who symbolizes the American soldier, ready and willing to fight, and die, for America.
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    Hill 351 - Outside Sigolsheim, Christmas Eve
    I held him in my arms as his life drained from him leaving a black red stain in the snow. I knew that my voice was the last he would ever hear. I wanted to silence the machine gun fire around us so he would have some peacefulness in this last moment of his life but it was not to be so. There was no time for tears, only a short prayer said quietly under my breath.
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    Diary of Capt. William A Dickson 0-1319607
    HQ 1X Corps G-2 Air
    Chunchon, Korea 1952

    Two flights again today. Had another name of a fellow who said that he’d like to be my replacement. But when I called him – hava-no. He’s like all the rest, wants the points but when they find out how many planes we’re losing to enemy ground fire, they get cold feet. Guess I don’t blame them. An L-19 collided with a jet in mid-air this morning. The observer was up on his first flight from the 25th Division. They said that he had two kids and his wife is expecting another!

    Had one flight today. We had bad luck in the area today. We lost 4 planes up in the East sector. There was only one recovery. They were all caught by ground fire.

    Had two flights today. We lost another two planes today. I heard one of them on the radio. His wingman reported the whole thing. The plane exploded when hit and the wingman couldn’t see any chute, so presumed that the pilot went down with his ship and is dead. The other one made it to the China Sea and ditched there. He was wounded but alive in a gray life raft, according to his flight leader.
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    As Commander of Jungle Warfare Training Center, Panama

    I know that in the near future, we will have troops on the ground in Southeast Asia and I know that some of the men I am training for warfare will return from the jungles in a flag drapped coffin. That knowledge burdens my heart. I am always aware that my primary job a commander is to teach them the skills they will need to lead their troops not only to succeed in their missions, but to return the men in their charge to their lives in America, changed forever by battles that will be fought, but living and breathing.
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    While remembering those who have fought and died in service to our country, let us all keep our troops in our prayers and think of our own Sniper66.
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    There is no greater challenge nor reward then leading troops. There is no greater burden to the soul then knowing that not all will return to their loved ones.

    Righthand... thank you for sharing your Father's thoughts. Sounds like he was one hell of a soldier.

    Semper Fidelis....
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    Thanks Mortis.

    I knew his as a father and a teacher, then, later, as a friend and a mentor. Most of what I really know about his soldiering comes from his journals. I miss him terribly.
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    Thanks for sharing.... I have the deepest respect and gratitude for all those that served and are serving....

    Sniper66 is in my prayers each night....
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    Fair Winds And Following Seas

    US Navy

    Weps Out!
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