For Sale Menu C Military MREs ON SALE! -- FINAL DAY TODAY, 9/11

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    Another item we haven't had available in a long time--over two and a half years.

    Menu C Military MREs, discounted 10%, free shipping.

    Date Packed: June 2014 (First inspection date: 06/2017)

    Each meal contains between 1,250 to 1,500 calories that are specifically formulated to fuel your body in high-stress situations like combat or survival.

    For all the details:
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    I sure do miss the post Vietnam M.R.E.'s LOL Was practically raised on those!
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    I am perverse.. I kinda miss the c-rat's.. Pound cake or chocolate nut cake in a can! MMMM... Seriously, I was glad to see the M.R.E's come around..
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    I can make my own food packs and vacuum then for long time storage---just look it up on you tube --have enough stored for 3 people for a long time plus with all my canning and dehydrating more stuff than I can count==I'm ready
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    I always liked the idea that as a civilian, I could have a pre made, known quality, source of food I could stash all over the place and not have to worry about! Like posted above, with the food preps I have, this is just a convenience for me, and is also kept around for barter if stuck mid bug!!! As any one can tell you from eating these things every day, they get really old really fast, so it wouldn't be a good idea to have as the sole means of preserved foods! And for the record, the British Rat Packs are the very best, we had a bunch that got shipped over for Katrina that our gubment (in all it's wisdom) decided wasn't fit for public consumption, so they turned much of it loos on us Servicemen, little did they know, we actually loved them and would have big ol knock down drag out fist fights over some of the more enjoyable items these contained! LOL Sure wish I could lay my hands on some of those!!!
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