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    Born in 1950 and breaking skin regularly through out my lifetime and working along side my dad doing construction my parents used what was popular including tetanus shots I think the reason I heal so quickly is because of all the stuff I got into as a kid my parent never knew about .
    35 years ago a friend had an ATV accident and with all the multiple injuries was not expected to come to or even walk again if he did .One of the things His parents found for some of his injuries was colloidal silver and they were making it them selves .His dad and I were co workers in the boat shop I worked, which there we got cuts al the time fiber glass and hose clamps mostly. He shared with me the secret if making colloidal silver, and I began making it for my self and I would not change for any thing on the market .not even betadine .
    The fact that it works better then any thing else on every thing else internally and externally makes it a champion in bodily repairs and killing bacteria . it has no smell or color or taste ( made in distilled water) no sting ,nothing objectionable .on top of that making your own it's free. cuts burns punctures bacterial infections the list is very long, I even drink it if I suspect that I've eaten something spoiled or the onset of botulism .
    On first onset of the symptoms (as though my butt was on fire) I evacuate my stomach and wash out my mouth with clean water and then drink colloidal silver .1/2 cup is about all. the longer you post pone action the rougher it gets.
    the very same with colds flu and other miseries .
    Because CS will kill the bacteria in your digestive system, I take a probiotic a while after word to reintroduce good bacteria in my digestive system.
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