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    Well a few years back I got a little red dot on my knee about the size of a mosquito bite and it hurt a day went by and it was fire engine red and about the size of a half dollar the weekend came and the whole knee was hurting and red by Monday it was all I could do to walk and I have a very high pain threshold I went to the er they said spider bite and I said it's not a spider bite Dr left the room and a woman was walking by the room and seen me and stopped ask what was wrong with my knee I told her they said a spider bite she came in looked at it started getting stuff out for a iv I asked her who she was she said a infectious disease specialist and if I did not get some antibiotics in me they would be talking my leg off up in my thigh area the Dr that started with me came in and they argued for a minute about a spider bite I told them first Dr that I did not give a fxxk what he thought that no one was cutting off my leg and he was fired and new lady was hired so after a stay in the hospital for 8 days and them going in and cleaning out the screws in my knee from a past surgery they said the mersa attached it self to the screws this is my leg 20 days after surgery. KIMG0418.
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    That is quite the story. You are very fortunate that Specialist just happened to be wandering by. As for that photo..... yeeks!
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    Staph is a nasty little bug that is very predominate in hospitals. The Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus(MRSA) is even more dangerous and the infectious disease specialist that correctly diagnosed your case of MRSA not only saved your leg, but your life as well.
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    What they told me is it was headed towards my heart valves
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    I had a staph infection last year. Horrible stuff. I tried to cure it naturally even though I didn't know what it was. It got pretty bad before I went to the doctors.
    Sounds like it was moving swiftly. Stories like yours make me thankful for health care.
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    MERSA is nothing but some major-bad juju just waiting for a chance to happen. Fast antibiotics are just about the only thing that will stop it, and even then the healing will be slow. Waiting even one day can be too long.

    A couple of years ago my grandkids started getting hit by MERSA infections from no known source. A new one would pop up every few days, before the last ones were even healed.

    Even spread out around three young-uns that was a lot of infections, and a lot of expensive ER treatments and takeout antibiotics.

    So, I fell back on something I knew about from years ago. A certain kind of electromagnetic healing.

    I whipped up a basic Mr. Thumpy device, and started zapping the MERSA big time. That stopped it dead in it's tracks.

    I hit a new one that was still in the early "spider bite" stage, and it was gone in an hour. No more ER trips.

    After a month or so, the source of the infections just seemed to vanish.

    I have had a lot of experience with Thumpies, and seen some astounding cures with my own eyes. They are a medical option that could be crucial in times of dystopia.

    (Google Dr. Bob Beck and also The Thumpy Files if you're intrigued.)

    Now, to not hijack this thread any further, if someone wants to discuss Thumpies, etc., they should start a new thread, and I'll jump in on it a bit.
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    By the way this is my leg now I still play basketball volleyball base ball and softball and don't have a spring leg but on some days I think if I did I could get that extra bounce but it's all good KIMG1077_02.JPG
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    @ Bishop: PM comin' atcha...
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    I kneeled on a piece of tiny stainless wire at work 2 months ago and had the same symptoms. The Dr. said MERSA and I freaked, but she said it's very common and most people have it on their skin just waiting for a hole to enter. 10 days of Bactrim knocked it out. I too was told that much longer would have taken my leg. Scary stuff.
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    I'm curious also?
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    Okay--I'm happy to answer any questions about thumpies.

    Here goes...

    A thumpy is a coil of copper wire hooked up to a DC power source that pulses about once every two or three seconds.

    The intermittent expanding and collapsing magnetic field plays merry hell with malignant organisms. Everything from blood flukes to the AIDS virus.

    Google "Bob Beck Magnetic Healing" and you'll get the rundown on them.

    Dr. Beck is the original inventor. But one caution: People are making money off thumpies now, so you may have to wade through some BS.

    One site, for example, says that without a plastic cover the coil will shock you. Nope! The coil is ordinary lacquered magnet wire, so it;s fully insulated.

    Welders, specifically, should not use thumpies on their eyes because many have tiny bits of iron inside their eyeballs from grinding welds. Likewise, one shouldn't thump pacemakers or other artificial objects in the body. I know of no reason they shouldn't be used on open wounds--whether scrapes, cuts, or burns.

    YouTube has some good videos, including

    In that video, the grey gloves are unnecessary. Likewise it's bad to tape over the xenon flash--that makes everything heat up. I usually hide the flasher in a ventilated cigar box, and wire in a remote trigger button.

    Bob.Beck used battery powered circuits, and flash units from cameras, just like the video.

    I'm the person that first modified them for mains power, and introduced the term "thumpy" for the slight click or thump the coil makes each time the circuit fires.

    I decided a wall socket was a lot cheaper than buying $50.00 worth of batteries every week or two. (I was too dumb to buy rechargeables...Duh!)

    They can promote healing in extraordinary ways. Thumpies can do a instant smackdown on MRSA, shingles, AIDS, venomous snakebites, bee stings, burns, and a ton of other stuff--including malignant skin cancer.

    I've been using thumpies since the late seventies, and I've seen them do amazing things. Including stopping gangrene dead in it's tracks.

    Since forever, thumpies would work for a while, and then they would either fry their circuitry or the capacitors would die. And then you'd have to build another.

    Thanks to some very bright guys that actually understand electronics, that problem has now been solved.

    You can build a really good thumpy with the schematics at My Home-Made Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser. The big improvement is the reversed MR756 silicone rectifier diode on the capacitor. That keeps the circuit from suiciding.

    I'm presently using a 300V thumpy that will be good for at least 100,000 cycles. And maybe a million or more.

    I can tell you flat out that without my thumpy, I'd be in a wheelchair right now. It's far better than drugs for back pain.
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    I really like mine, best darn thing for aches and pains, have not tried it on bact. infections
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    Are these similar to Dr TENS units ?
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    Gazongas! I didn't know it was still working or how well it had worked out for you. I'm glad it has been useful.
    If it ever ( when it someday) lies down and dies, just let me know. I'll send you another flash unit ready to just hook the coil up with twist nuts.

    @ Andy the Aussie
    Nope. Completely different. TENS works by shooting electricity directly into the body, which causes muscles to tense up--just like a taser only not as extreme. A thumpy is like waving a magnet past your body--except it's a really strong magnet. You feel nothing at all--but it still works like a champ.
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    As a retired longhaul driver I've been using a TENS unit for some years now. I refuse surgery and have taken injections instead. I think I am wondering if this might be a better answer to the TENS as it provides such short term relief? Any thoughts?
  17. UncleMorgan

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    The absolute best way to find out is to make your own thumpy and give it a try.

    Otherwise you'll never really know.

    Thumpies are easy to make, using any old thrift-store flash camera or camera flash attachment. Those usually run $3.00 or less, and there is no shortage of them.

    The coil is one pound of 14-ga magnet wire, wound on a reel from an old VHS tape. Brace the plastic reel with wood discs on both sides as you wind it (on a drill) so the weak plastic sidewalls of the reel don't blow out. The wire will cost about $15.00, usually.

    The hookup is also simple: just attach a yard of extension cord to the coil with twist nuts. Solder one wire to one leg of the xenon flash bulb, and solder the other wire into the socket that the leg of the flash bulb came out of.

    The idea is to run the juice that lights up the flash straight through the coil. That's all it takes.

    A basic thumpy can do a lot of good, and will quickly let you know if you want to go bigger/better.

    For most people, the complexity lies in adding more & bigger caps (capacitors) to the flash circuit--until finally they just build their own thumpy from scratch.

    I used to jam six monster caps into a single camera. Made one heck of a thumpy--for about two weeks. Then the magic smoke would come out, and I would be briefly sad.

    Forty years ago my sweetie got hooked on big pharma nasal medications that just suppressed the symptoms of her deep nasal infection --at $100.00 a pill. The first thumpy I ever built was for her, and it solved the problem in about four days.

    Solved it permanently.
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