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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Brokor, Dec 1, 2013.

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  2. kellory

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    Well said.
  3. Witch Doctor 01

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    Kinda slanted... makes assumptions not in evidence... and extremely full of BS... sorry would like a dislike button..

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  4. mysterymet

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    Maybe her experiences have been mostly negative when dealing with law enforcement but mine have not been. I tried to go to her site to find out more about who she is as a person and didn't find much except she'll have a message to soldiers coming soon. I hope she won't make the same blanket statements about soldiers and vets that she does about cops.
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  5. rickpeters

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    The problem is, and this goes for many groups out there, is that one bad egg can cause a massive stick for a much larger group. One bad cop can negatively impact an entire dept. One ridiculous township can effect the perception of LE in the general area. There are definitely police officers out there who should not be wearing a badge, but then again, there are some really caring and professional police officers as well.
  6. Dont

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    An interesting presentation. Yes she made some broad statements regarding police and their actions that should not be made in a blanket manner . However, we all hear or read about incidents of unjust actions by some police. I found the basic message one I have found echoing through my own thoughts.
  7. Jeff Brackett

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  8. Dont

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    Maybe... Plenty of people talk.. And then, what exactly are they to do? Line them up against the wall and shoot them??
  9. Illini Warrior

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    that goes for virtually everything in life ..... problem is you can't distinguish until you are already involved .... my personal previous interactions dictates a wholesale mistrust and out-and-out "avoid at ALL COST" attitude .... and I'll add, you can have good moral officers in a department but they are only as good as the boss allows ....

    with the absolute crap I'm currently seeing .... God help us all when the cops are totally liberated to do whatever they feel .... going to make the Gestapo look tame
  10. Dont

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    By living in a small community, well, the police do not want a break down of trust... Not here...
    In a larger community, there well be other issues that require resolving. Let us hope that it will not involve "honest" police officers.. As to their "bosses", Cut the head off..
  11. BTPost

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    You will find that in very small Rural Communities, you almost never hear of a BAD LEO, doing BS stuff to the local Citizenry. There is a reason for that. Most of these LEOs are Sheriffs Deputies, and must "Toe the line" as set by the Elected Sheriff. He needs to get reElected next Election Cycle, and it does NOT serve him well, to have a bunch of Pissed off Citizenry (Voters) in his county. There usually are a few Good Men, ExMil, around that need a Job, and can be trained to do the JOB, without causing the Sheriff, to lose Creditability, so Bad Apples usually get Fired after the second Dustup. The Sheriff doesn't really care about Bad Guys, and their Votes, but he certainly DOES care about the Mom and Pop Families, that live in his County. These rural LEOs also have to LIVE in the communities they serve, and it doesn't take long for a Bad Apple, to find out he has Lost the Respect of the Community. Ask our resident LEO Monkeys, (@Alpha Dog, and @fedorthedog ) and if this is not true. In a City, the LEOs are just anonymous Police Persons, who very likely live outside the Core City Boundaries. They responsible to a Chain of Command, but that chain is a LOT shorter in the Rural LEO Force, and much of the BS stuff never even gets reported, for fear of retaliation. One of the reasons I live where I do. I see my State Trooper, Maybe twice a year, and we get along, and have been friends ever since he took this post. His Lt is the Juneau, AK Detachment Commander, and another LEO I have known for as long as he has been in that post. If one is a Smart Fellow, in a very rural situation, it would pay to be friendly with the local LEO, as anything coming down from outside, must go thru them, before they come out to visit YOU, and if you are known, and Friends, a heads up, or a couple of guys at your front door, is a whole lot better, than a SWAT Team, arriving in a Bunker Buster Vehicle.... ..... YMMV....
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  12. fmhuff

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    There are good cops and bad cops just like the cross section of the population. Your attitude will most definitely be influenced by those with which you have to deal.

    Perhaps we like Thoreau might say our quarrel is more with those who enforce unjust laws than with those who make them, for if they were of reasonable mind they would know what injustice they do.
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  13. Dont

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    The problem is, those that pass the unjust laws are not the ones that must enforce those laws. The question is, are there sufficient numbers of Leo's that will not enforce unjust laws... Unjust or constitutional ? Yes , they can be one in the same ...A law can be constitutional and still unjust..
    I believe, that those in law enforcement, will have to decide if they will enforce an unjust or an obviously unconstitutional law, well before they are faced with those situations.
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  14. Witch Doctor 01

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    Something most non-LEO's don't realize... the Leo's constantly are faced with the negative elements of society.... very few positive examples of law abiding folks... Yes some people are not suited to working as a LEO...but the brush she paints with is too wide and will be found offensive tyo the LEO audience that she is trying to address... to me she sounds full of BS and as a result a non-monkey LEO would probably discount what she has to say as mostly BS and uninformed... and as a result might be turned off enough to react in a negative manner when the question is up for discussion... never tweak the nose of the local Pitt bull as you will probably get bit...

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  15. Dont

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    No nose tweakers here... until.. I personally do not believe it would come to harsh treatment directed to Leo's here. The make up of this community is interesting..
  16. Brokor

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    Exactly, and this is the purpose of the thread. I posted the video not because there are "good" cops and "bad" cops, that's not the point. We have become a nation ruled by public policy. We have more prisoners than any other nation in the world. We have more police per capita, more raids on drugs, more taxes, and less freedom than we think. I couldn't care less if there are a few good cops, because the POINT is whether or not they will obey illegal and unconstitutional orders.

    Obviously, we live in a police state. I am certain for most of us here, except for Bruce living up in no-man's land Alaska have a lot of thinking to do. Even in small towns, police are militarized. They aren't always local, and they WILL DO AS THEY ARE ORDERED. Now, as for Sheriffs, they are hit and miss. It all depends on the voters and the geographic location. Some Sheriff's are quite anti-gun and Liberal because that's their primary voter base.

    The fact is, we don't NEED police --not as the overbearing, head stomping goons they mostly are. At the same time, it is nice to have elected Sheriffs who uphold the Constitution and assist in keeping the peace. As for ticketing, collecting revenue for their corporation, and home raids...leave that for Russia.

    So, will most police simply follow orders? If we don't hold them accountable, I am betting YES every time.
  17. Dont

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    The answer lays in the election of those that are willing to follow the constitution, to city govermant.. After all , they are the ones that hire the head of the city police forces..
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  18. Mindgrinder

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    +Public Servant
    = Oathkeeper?
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  19. rickpeters

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    Yeah I totally agree with this too. I don't like the way things are moving. It's a horrible trend.
  20. Dont

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    What keeps sticking in my mind is those incidents down in Texas, the local police going after the military personel.. I think bad thoughts!
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