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    I am trying to find "the best" metal container for my kit. I am looking for a one quart, to possibly two quart, metal "wide mouth bottle" type container. Will be used for daily water carrying and possibly some boiling/cooking uses. Would help if it could be covered or closed securely. Any recommendations?
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    Appreciate the links. Just about perfect.
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    I can personally vouch for the 40oz SS Kleen Kanteen. The thing is bombproof, never leaks and no plastic touches the water. Additionally, the vast majority of hiking/backpacking filters can screw right onto the threads. I'd avoid the insulated Hydroflask (or any insulated bottle) if you're going to be boiling anything in it.
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    I, too, use the Klean Kanteens. They work well. No complaints.
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    I like Klean Kanteens as well, but if you are going to be doing a lot of water heating in it, check out the little volcano type stove/bottle from CDT.
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    Are you talking about the Swiss volcanoes? If so, I would not recommend them. I looked into them and the reviews are great. They appear to do everything that they advertise. The price is certainly right. The issue I had was the fact they are made from aluminum. There are many studies both ways in the aluminum leaching argument and I know several peoples' grandmothers cooked in aluminum all their lives, but its too controversial for me to use raw aluminum as cookware.

    In my search, I also ruled out the ever popular Sig bottle for the same reason. Sig does line their bottles. This lining will not hold up if one had to boil in the bottle.

    This brings us back to the Klean Kanteen. No lining. SS does not leach into your water (or at least not that anyone has shown me at this point).

    I did a whole review article before on this subject for another forum. Its in the archive now:
    Print Page - Contemplating Water Bottles- Updated 19 DEC!!!!!

    In the link ^ I contacted several companies to talk about their bottles.
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    Great informative link Al. (Hope you do not mind the familiar use of your name.) Very in depth research which is much appreciated.
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