Mexico attacking?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Sep 7, 2011.

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    "He's a gentle, kind man..."

    Yep, they ALL are til they turn feral........
  4. tacmotusn

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    The family informed the police that there were mental health issues...... DUH !! Really ??? You think so....[beat]
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    It has got to the point it scares me to death just the thought of my wife and baby going to Wal-Mart. You can see the darker days ahead society is changing and it is giving birth to a new breed of monster. I am a firm believer that some people are born evil. I agree with Cephus it is going on every where. Not just in the bad neighborhoods any more we aren't even safe in our homes. I was looking some where the other day and found multiple articles about hundredsof violent home invaisons in the past year. The days of unlocked doors and relaxing at home or taking the family out for a little care free fun is over. We have to be on guard all the time. We have a female and male who just beat their 3 year old little girl to death and they act as if they done nothing wrong. The mother was in court the other day laughing and joking as if nothing had happen. I don't meen to affend anyone but cases like the ones above and this one about the little girl there should be no trial. For some lawyer to claim that the client is sick and has mental issues. They should bulild a gallows on the courthouse lawn, they don't have to pay anyone to pull the lever Ill do it for free and sleep just fine at night.
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    it started in the 50's with the baby boomers
    parents gave their kids damned near anything they wanted
    "give them what i didnt have" was the phrase that is destroying us
    spoiled = rotten, no good, trash, garbage to be gotten rid of
    until people learn this the problem will continue to escalate
    kids can be kids and still learn respect, responsibility and proper values
    spoiling them is just wrong and stupid
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    [respect] (<--they can learn spelling, too ;))

    Do you really think it's Mexico attacking? I think it's just people, period (as evidenced in posts above). Recently on the news, some kid (teen) just walked into an apartment of total strangers and fired on a family - 4 injured. There's no "reset" button on this game, junior.
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    At least the slime bag had the decency to off himself. Damn this is unwinding faster than I thought.
  9. Alpha Dog

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    A good A$$ bustin from Mom and Dad as they grow up, would work wonders on these types. I got them and I turned out normal, I think I did anyway. Im sure some psych. doctor would find some way to argue against physical punishment. I'm a believer in it my dad and the fear of the belt kept me out of alot growing up. He made me the man I am today and I thank him for it everytime I deal with these people on the street or watch the news.
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    As the author William Johnstone said, it all goes back to 'root cause'..... poor home raising. Too many 'kids' these days are left to be raised on the mean streets, in feral packs. They have NO feelings for human life, they think only of 'immediate gratification' and if anyone gets in their way, they injure or kill. They are ANIMALS in human form.
    We who had loving parents, went to church, had neighborhood 'moms' and 'dads' who were empowered by OUR parents to administer some discipline if sorely needed..... we turned out pretty darned good!
    Parents nowadays are too concerned about their work to bother raising their kids, or they are out whoring and dealing..... Junior gets to run with his homies, looking for 'fun' that usually involves an innocent getting hurt.
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    if you ask me every kid in america needs to spend at least 2 summers on a real farm
    with real chores and real labor, that would teach them some of the real foundation values
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    That should happen in place of Middle school..... You can't teach that age group much with the Hormones ragging anyway....
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    ill agree to
    ive seen a few 12-15 year old males that would benefit from a run in with an ornery milk
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    I concur completely. Even in the neighborhood where I live there are problematic people that bear watching. Good enemies keep you sharp.

    When sitting outside in the evenings I am armed and ready. It is necessary nowadays.
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    Do I think its Mexico attacking? No. I do think that he was just one of many deranged men. Many are actual American citizens. Do I think it should be used as fuel to add to the immigration debate? ABSOLUTELY.

    Back-door amnesty.... stick it.[reddevil]
  16. beast

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    i keep a gun handy for trouble too
    so far, thank god, the only vermin are 4-legged
    at least theyre legal to kill on sight :D
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