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    No it is not illegal to finish and possess such guns. No, there is no limit to how many you can finish in a year, nor how many you can possess in total. No, there is no way to trace them, if you go at it right. The 1911 variant is very easy to finish. Check them out at KT Ordnance, The Tannery Shop, the "build it yourself" forums at, Dlask Firearms, DIY Firearms, and Home Gunsmthing forums. Yes, they do cost $50 more than a finished frame, but then nobody but you knows that you have it. That's easily worth $50, to quite a few million people in the US.
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    there's a eason 30 ak guns ammo

    the russians and chinese have been DUMPING the obsolete stuff, ever since they wised up and switched to the .20 ak rd.

    The fact is that in realistic combat, troops MISS with thousands of rds of rifle ammo for every hit that they get. Most hits are poor ones, a hit thru a muzzle on leg or arm with 308 ball (much less .30 AK ball ) doesn't do a thing that the same hit with .20 AK or 223 ball doesn't do. So the wt-bulk of rifle ammo IS a big deal, even for those who have trucks, humvees, choppers and planes to haul them and their stuff around. For the survivalist, bulk and wt are killers.
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    Man I really wish you actually knew what you where talking about before you opened your face.

    The Russians are using the 5.45x39 (.21Ghengis)

    The Chinese are using 5.8x42

    The rest of the Warsaw Pact is converting to 5.56 because they want to join NATO...

    If the 5.56 is so great why in the hell is the US military even looking at other calibers like the 6.8SPC?

    So yes this does explain the casting off of the .30cal AK, it however doesn't dillute it's proven track record.
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    26.5-27.0 grs of AA 2520= 60 grs@2600 fps, 10.5" 223

    (depending upon the barrel, and with a 5.56 chamber. Winchester brass and primer, Nosler Partition softpoint. That same short barrel will get a 69 gr hpbt match bullet to over 2500 fps, too. Such a match load will reach 400 yd men's toros with over 50% success, given a bipod that is mounted on the free float tube (not the barrel) a scope, anti-cant level, trigger job, match barrel and ammo. Pretty amazing for something that's smaller and lighter than an Uzi.
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    223's are doing well at 1000 yd matches.

    The guys are using 90 gr VLD match bullets, 28" barrels, 1 in 6.5 rifling twists. The bullets still have nearly 300 ft lbs left out there, too. In other words, they hit harder at 1000 yds than a Makarov hits at 6 ft. Funny how a Mak is "enough" at axeswinging ranges, while a 223 just bounces off of men at 500 yds, ain't it?
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    Re: 223's are doing well at 1000 yd matches.

    And your point might be ..?

    Ah. I get it. You are an AR afficionado, and are defending your choice. Well, then, that's another matter entirely. We have a thread for that. but I doubt you've read it yet, just posting without looking for a proper place and maybe finding there are some other opinions worth the reading. [no]
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    While it can shoot to 1000 yards, not much use because of wind drift. The 90gr. spike is terrible for accuracy. The AR sucks for match purposes at those ranges. 7.62 is marginal at best.
  8. Clyde

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    out of the blue......................
  9. sniper-66

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    True, but my .50 will have a 100% success rate at that range and will take the head clean off the torso to boot! Therefore, we can conclude that the .50 is a better round.
  10. E.L.

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    At 1000 yds. I will be shooting my .300 Win. mag. that has a muzzle velocity of 3100 ft. per sec. and thats with a 165 gr. Boat Tail Spire Point. Not my 5.56 heavy barrel AR. Just my choice though.
  11. E.L.

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    I see lots of purpose with different kinds of calibers and I believe it comes down to personal preference. Ultimately though it is silly trying to convince people to agree with you when you come across as an a$$hole. It just makes them not give a sh*t.
  12. Clyde

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    Might as well use the monkey's .45 vs. the .223 at 1000 yards. The monkey will atleast look good when he misses. [applaud]
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    just because YOU couldn't hit anything at 1000 yds

    with ANY rifle, doesn't mean that better men can't do it, with 223. The 90 gr 223 has LESS wind drift than 168 gr 308 bthp's have, dummy,a nd THOSE sufficed for many years for 1000 yd match shooting.

    Just because you are ignorant about things doesn't mean that they aren'[t so. It just means that you are ignorant, that's all.
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    Need 30-40 lbs of OTHER survival gear

    and no you CAN'T run and gun with 70+ lbs of gear. In fact, you probably can't do so with 30 lbs of gear, either.

    The shorty 223 is still handy with an 8", 12 oz sound suppressor in place. The 308 needs 10" and 1.5 lbs of suppressor to be as quiet (with full charge ammo). Put such a "can" on even an 18" 308,a nd you have one very heavy, awkward clunker. Put it on a 22" M1a, and the thing becomes a "bipod only" rifle. Giving up the suppressor, for shtf, is a really STUPID move.

    Given a .22lr conversion unit in the CAR-15, subsonic .22lr's sound like a BB gun, when fired thru the 223 suppressor. Full charge 223's sound like an unsuppressed .22lr rifle, using high speed .22lr ammo in the latter. Instead of being audible at 2 miles, the 223 is rendered barely audible at 1/2 mile, and the "can" disguies where the shot came from. The sonic "crack" of the suppressed 223 is non-directional, and most of the shtf shooting better be do-able with the .22lr, or you are screwing up, badly.

    You'll have no choice but to just avoid other men, and shoot them only from ambush, only when you have to do so. Anything else is just WAY too likely to get you shot. All that noise you make is going to call in OTHER enemies, probably from BEHIND you, and you won't know about them until you feel the bullet hit you.
  15. meyah

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    They're not.

    That 6.8 stuff is bs, pure and simple. I got news for you, you ain't IN the military,and the light wt, .22lr unit, concealment, etc of the 223 mean far more to the survivalist than they do to troops. Wake up, dummy. I said .20ak, cause the commie stuff is too stupid to bother with paying attention too. Always was, always will be. They dont care, cause they got LOTS of dumb people to throw at any problem. How many casulties are YOU ready to take, amongst your loved ones, dummy?
  16. meyah

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    no, because you wont HAVE the .50

    because it and its ammo are way too heavy. also, anyone stupid enough to be in open country in daylight, is no threat. Night vision has trouble getting hits at 500 yds, even on STATIONARY men's torsos, that are fully exposed.

    Only a fool starts what he can't finish, and you have NO IDEA how many guys are BEYOND that 1000 yd guy, and he's unaware of you, or he'd be dodging or using cover, in which you can't reliably hit him at 500 yds, with ANY rifle or load, and I can prove it, easily. It doesn't matter who you are, you can't hit a dodging man at 500 yds, better than 1 shot in 20 tries. Ditto a head bobbing around cover.

    You might as well wish for a nuke as "think" that the .50 is going to be any help at all against men. The only use for a .50 is hitting large, liquid fueled rockets, at launch.
  17. sniper-66

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    Do you wanna talk ignorance? My friend, you have displayed incredible amounts of absolute ignorance across this board. It sounds like you do a lot of reading but have no practical experience in anything. First of all, you cannot load a 90gr. VLD in a .223 cartridge and then shoot it from a standard AR, it won't fit in the mag. Therefore, you have to load it manually and that defeats the purpose of a self loading fire arm. I routinely shoot 70 gr. VLDs in both my bolt and my AR, one round at a time.
    You spout information like it is truth when in fact you probably don't know squat. As for your post on the hidey hole, you are wrong. The scenario was frozen muskeg with five feet of snow, so a snow shelter was the correct answer. See, you are a blathering idiot.
  18. Quigley_Sharps

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    show me the stats of the 1000yd matchs won against 30 cal.
  19. E.L.

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    Hey [newb] knock it off with the personal attacks, if you need to flame someone take it to the inferno. 1st warning.
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    There you go changing the parameters again. With these parameters, I am going to use my 105 smooth bore with a beehive round. I know my .50 will be better than your AR at that range, dodging man or not. Where do you come up with this stuff, only good on a liquid fueled rocket at launch??? Guess the soldiers in Iraq shooting .50 rifles have been wrong the entire war as I haven't heard of one rocket being shot at yet.
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