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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by meyah, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. meyah

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    Our greatest warrior favored the .30 Carbine over the Garand

    Audie knew the score, even against entrenched, hardened, Caucasian veterans, the range is usually short, and you have to CARRY that damned thing, along with lots of other gear, day after day. Audie said many men were killed by fatigue. They got so damned tired that they didn't CARE enough to be careful anymore.

    We haven't fought anything but ignorant, poorly-armed peasants since 1945. And we STILL lost,most of the time. We'll get our butts kicked out of Iraq, too, just watch.
  2. E.L.

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    Not to mention that most will seek cover, and the .50 will go through almost all cover, even at 1000 yards.
  3. meyah

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    shorty 223, softpoints, hits 50% harder than .30 carbine or

    or the .44-40 lever, yet the carbine and such a lever sufficed (to stop FAR tougher men than you'll encounter today). The scoped, 10" 223 has twice the range of the 30 Carbine, but the Carbine sufficed against Mausers, in WW2. The fact is that the fighting occurs in thick cover, in darkness, in buildings, etc, a lot more often than anyone can RELIABLY hit dodging, cover using men (beyond the 200 yd range of the .30 Carbine, with the "long range" wing of its peepsight flipped up for use).
  4. RightHand

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    Audie Murphy served under my father and he certainly had his moment of warriorship but soon grew a head three sizes too big to fit thru any doorway
  5. E.L.

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    That's pretty desperate. The .30 carbine is ineffective for the most part, the discussion that was being disseminated was the 5.56 vs. the .30-06'/7.62x51. Not the weak a$$ .30 carbine.
  6. Clyde

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    what about a slingshot? that grouping at 1000 yards is amazing....
  7. Quigley_Sharps

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    44-40 lever is and was a black powder round, very poor for range shots, course you knew that right?
  8. meyah

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    Zero the CAR-15's scope at 300 yds, hold on neck at 400 yds

    hit guts, using the 69 gr hpbt match bullet. Zero the "long range" wing of the peep sight at 200 yds. V notch out the top of the "normal range" wing of the peep sight, (the luminous type) and create an open sight with epoxy and Testor black model airplane paint.

    Zero the V notch at 50 yds, with the .22lr conversion unit (by filing it, not by moving the sight's adjustments). Such a v notch-zero will be close enough to 223 POI to make hitting 100 yd torsos easy enough. that range and type of shooting covers about 90% of EFFECTIVE rifle combat, ya know. Long range shooting requires a scope, anyway. Otherwise, you can't even see the camoflaged enemy, especially if he is prone and holding still.

    A compact, light 2x7 variable scope is ideal. Zero it on 7x, since if you need the scope, it will probably be for a precise shot. Carry the gun with the scope set on 2x, tho, in case of a need of speed, and for light gathering ability at dusk or dawn, or in thick cover. A see thru scope mount is the way to go, for shtf.
  9. meyah

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    44-40 won the west, against far tougher men than you.

    The 30 carbine was the choice of MANY vets, who had 100x the actual rifle combat experience of anyone you ever met, count on that. Audy Murphy and many a similarly blooded vet prefered the CArbine to the Garand, and the 3006 had at LEAST as much power and range as your silly 308 has.
  10. meyah

    meyah Monkey+++

    yeah, and he earned it, too, the hard way.

    241 kills, two years of the toughetst fighting ever seen on this earth. Audey fought in N Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, against entrenched fighters the like of which the world has never seen since.
  11. magnus392

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    Re: They're not.

    I got him EL....

    You're a Moron [LMAO]
  12. meyah

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    hey, dummy. If he's using cover,

    you don't KNOW HE'S THERE. Like I said, you won't HAVE the 50, for the same reason you'll soon jettison the 308, too. too heavy, bulky, no suppressor, no resupply of ammo, no subsonic loads, no concealment of the rifle.
  13. magnus392

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    yeah see the title.
  14. E.L.

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    :lol: [LMAO]
  15. RightHand

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    You're talking about a person I knew personally, face to face, and yes, he did fight valiantly, along with other troops, in some campaigns which took many lives. Nonetheless, he was a jerk.
  16. meyah

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    It's pretty simple to make a quality silencer

    altho much easier for the 22lrthan the 223. The 223 can requires an expansion chamber, and it works much better and is considerably lighter if it's got a "sleeve tube", mounted coaxially around the tube that contains the baffling. 3" of expansion chamber is enough for the 223, if the inside tube is 1 3/8" OD, and the "sleeve tube" has an OD of 1 3/4". Both should be made of .o50" aluminum tubing. The rear endcap needs to be welded into place, and the ends of the two tubes needed to be welded, so as to create an airtight space the length of the tubes.

    Aluminum wont hold the 1/2" x28 thread of the AR, so it'snecessary to thread the rear endcap forr 7/8 X 14 TPI, make an adapter out of a 1" long, 7/8 x14 bolt, with the ID of the adapter having a 1/2 x28 TPI. High temp epoxy will hold the bolt in the endcap, but if you like insurance, a set screw will provide it.

    The front endcap should be a washer, held in place by an internal snapring, held in place by a .040" deep groove, cut into the front end of the inside tube, 1/8" back from the front edge. Simple, solid, easy, wastes no space or weight in the can.
  17. magnus392

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    Place a legal disclaimer on this post or you will be reprimanded.
  18. meyah

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    for you, it would be a rant.

    for me, it's just showing a very minor amount of my knowledge and posting abilities.
  19. meyah

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    only idiots prefer noisy guns to suppressed ones, for

    the sort of guerilla-survival involved with shtf. 308 cans make the guns too awkward and heavy to amount to a hoot. Being detected is really likely to mean death, but you are too stupid and chickenshit to even ADMIT that, much less dare to make or buy a can for your shtf rifle.
  20. magnus392

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    Re: for you, it would be a rant.

    I see more skill in my toilet after a nice BM. Knowledge is indeed power....and I doubt you have reached button cell capacity yet.
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