MI5:warns of terrorists using ambulances. UK

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    [siren]This out today, a year on and we (UK) are still on level warning SEVERE

    Terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda may be planning to buy former NHS ambulances and police cars to mount suicide bomb attacks in Britain, MI5 has warned.
    They may import a tactic already used in Iraq and Israel, according to a report by MI5’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre to chief constables.
    In a statement to The Sunday Times, the Association of Chief Police Officers also warned of the risk of such an attack. It said ministers must legislate to stop the sale of such vehicles.

    Its move has been backed by Lord Carlile of Berriew, the government’s terrorism watchdog. He said he feared terrorists could exploit a loophole which did not allow police sufficient powers to stop and search the drivers of suspicious vehicles. (but it is an offence to impersonate a police officer)???

    Every year dozens of police cars, ambulances and fire engines are sold. Some are fully marked ( but they should be fully de-commissioned prior to sale) and can be bought for as little as £1500.
    Counter-terrorism officials at the Home Office have now written to eBay, the internet auctioneer, asking it to stop selling emergency service vehicles, equipment and uniforms. However, eBay has said it will only self-regulate if a new law is passed.

    The threat levels are:

    • critical - an attack is expected imminently
    • severe - an attack is highly likely
    • substantial - an attack is a strong possibility
    • moderate - an attack is possible but not likely
    • low - an attack is unlikely
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    Who the heck do they pay to mass produce this sort of National Enquirer type hype.

    • critical - a brain fart is expected imminently
    • severe - a brain fart is highly likely
    • substantial - a brain fart is a strong possibility
    • moderate - a brain fart is possible but not likely (WTF sort of logic is that any how)
    • low - a brain fart is unlikely (Why didn't they go with an all clear or no threat whatsoever??)
    I give you the terrorism watchdog[boozingbuddies], absolutely befuddled, as he spends his time chasing his own tail and barking at stuff that nobody else on the planet can either see, hear or understand.

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    I was driving my truck today minding my own business when I was overtaken on the Autobahn by a UK ex-Ambulance, well I never, I was at a loss as what I should do about it, my first thoughts were to call the SAS, but I knew that at 87KMH he'd be gone before the could get a quick reaction force mobilized to come and check it out, for naughty naughty terrorists. So I let it go on it's way, thanking my lucky starts that the people inside had probably made me as just another German sheeple truck driver instead of the super vigilant highly motivated well informed monkey that I am.

    Still taking the pi$$ out of the UK goberment after all of these years.

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