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    barry's war on the REAL America continues.

    Michael Savage: ‘We’ve lost the battle’
    A major battle in a war over the future of Western civilization has been lost as millions of migrants from the Middle East who largely oppose Judeo-Christian values and have no intention of assimilating flood the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other nations, talk-radio host Michael Savage told his listeners Tuesday.
    Savage said he received an email from someone he described as "far smarter than I am" and "farseeing."

    "He said to me, 'It's over.'"

    Paraphrasing the email, Savage said that what German Chancellor Angela Merkel is "doing to Germany, what the weakling is doing to England, what the socialist is doing to France, what Obama the psychopath is doing to America, will render this country non-existent in less than 50 years."

    Read more at Michael Savage: ‘We’ve lost the battle’
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    Mr. Savage should have more faith in the American people. We haven't lost the battle but in my mind the battle has changed. Yes, we will be importing Middle Easterners that want to destroy our faith, our freedoms and our beliefs. With this invasion/flood, the rules have changed. Sadly I admit Americans will profile and they will condemn a race. We have seen it, we have been skating on the edge of race wars. Do I think things can get real bloody? Yes. I have no doubt the American people will do racial targeting and killing. I think and believe we are capable of becoming "savage" as our society crumbles.
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    Migrants? Word games at play... here is a good blog post on that.

    The Lonely Libertarian: Migrant vs Immigrant
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    It is the minds of the children that will determine the future of America..And in that we may have lost. Unless we are able to convince the young parents to take control of their children's futures and counter the nwo, or socialist or what ever, propaganda that they are teaching the youth in schools and on the web or tv.. That is OUR responsibilities as "OLD" people.. To pass down the history's of our ancestors, our clan's, our tribes, our founding father's stories..Let us "OLD people" make time to influence our futures..
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    Well the politicians are children who never grew up if you ask me...and looking back at my classmates growing up, I'm glad I was a 'social outcast' so to speak.
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    Children that need an a*s whipping in my opinion...
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