Michigan GOP leader wants Paul barred from future debates

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Clyde, May 17, 2007.

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    http://www.mlive.com/newsflash/mich...44/117935695635230.xml&storylist=newsmichigan Michigan GOP leader wants Paul barred from future debates

    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="428"> <tbody><tr valign="bottom"> <td class="byln" width="328">5/16/2007, 7:07 p.m. ET By JIM DAVENPORT
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    COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The chairman of the Michigan Republican Party said Wednesday that he will try to bar Ron Paul from future GOP presidential debates because of remarks the Texas congressman made that suggested the Sept. 11 attacks were the fault of U.S. foreign policy.
    Michigan party chairman Saul Anuzis said he will circulate a petition among Republican National Committee members to ban Paul from more debates. At a GOP candidates' debate Tuesday night, Paul drew attacks from all sides, most forcefully from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, when he linked the terror attacks to U.S. bombings.
    "Have you ever read about the reasons they attacked us? They attack us because we've been over there. We've been bombing Iraq for 10 years," Paul said.
    Anuzis called the comments "off the wall and out of whack."
    "I think he would have felt much more comfortable on the stage with the Democrats in what he said last night. And I think that he is a distraction in the Republican primary and he does not represent the base and he does not represent the party," Anuzis said during an RNC state leadership meeting.
    "Given what he said last night it was just so off the wall and out of whack that I think it was more detrimental than helpful."
    Anuzis said his petition would go to debate sponsors and broadcasters to discourage inviting Paul.
    Jesse Benton, Paul's campaign spokesman, said the candidate "is supporting the traditional GOP foreign policy. I think it's a shame when people try to silence the traditional conservative Republican standpoint."
    After the debate Tuesday, Paul said he didn't' expect his remarks to end his campaign.
    "The last time I got a message out about my position on the war it boosted us up by tens of thousands and I didn't change my position," Paul said. "I think the American people are sick and tired of this war and want it ended."

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    Re: Michigan GOP leader wants Paul barred from future debate

    My note to this jackazz cacksukr[soap]:

    Dear Sam:

    I called your office this morning to express my displeasure in the article: http://www.mlive.com/newsflash/michigan/index.ssf?/base/news-44/117935695635230.xml&storylist=newsmichigan
    and to determine if this is true. According to the receptionist it is.

    I will no longer support the Michigan Republican Party and have just logged onto Mr. Paul's website to contribute the $2,300 maximum for his primary. I thank you for invigorating my republican spirit. I believe you have sorely underestimated the anger of the constituency relating to the ineffectiveness of our President, federal congress, and state congress in purporting true Republican ideals. Sadly, republicanism is dead in the GOP, but there are candidates willing to take one last stand against their tax and spend and spend and spend government with octopus like arms of foreign policy.

    The day the Republicans remember what it means to be a republican --low taxes, low spending, and limited government and strong constitution -- I will reconsider my support. Unfortunately, all of these republican standards have been non-existant for the past 12 years. Furthermore, my support will be contingent upon you no longer being Chair of the MI GOP. Until that day, I shall chose better charities...and Ron Paul is it for now!

    Good Luck. I think you are going to need it and your receptionist is gonna be tired.
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    Re: Michigan GOP leader wants Paul barred from future debate

    While Dr. Paul has MANY favorable attributes, he lacks (at least in my opinion) in "tact" and "diplomacy". I was nearly floored when he gave his statement about 9-11-01....then turned down the offer by Giuliani to retract, or at least modify his statement! It was almost as if Paul had played directly into the hands of Giuliani.....the "straight man", per se. Add to that, many of my STAUNCHLY conservative friends, who were Paul supporters, felt that he had made an anti-American statement! My own perception was that Paul had over-simplified the context, then I changed to realizing that he was 100% WRONG!

    I hope that Paul doesn't get excluded from future debates, for he has a LOT to offer. The only thing is, he dug a VERY deep hole, and I doubt if he will be able to crawl out of it.

    If anyone can "coach" Willard Romney (that's his true first name), he at least LOOKS "Presidential", and has a very refined way of speaking. He HAS to change his thinking about "assault weapons", though! All along, I was of the belief that GUNS were not going to be an "issue" in this presidential campaign....so WHY Romney chose to bring it up is questionable! I'm not a Romney fan, but I thought that he was a bit LESS anti-gun than most of the other candidates.

    I'm still waiting for Fred Thompson! He's still somewhat of an "unknown", but he fares a much better chance than Gingrich as a last-minute entry.
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    Re: Michigan GOP leader wants Paul barred from future debate

    Great Letter Clyde! [winkthumb]

    DDawg, First of all, Romney has already been caught lying about several things, with him it's politics as usual.

    You think it's anti american to think our foreign policy might have had something to do with 911? Anti-american to truthfully look at a situation and try to find the right answers? I'm sorry, but we can, we do, and we have done many bad things, and we have made many mistakes. I know it comes as a shock, but it's true. If we can't stop waving flags and singing 911 songs long enough to truthfully evaluate the situation, we are doomed.

    You wan't anti-american? How about trying to ban Ron Paul from being heard in the debates. I'd say that pretty much tops the list.

    Here's more anti-american..... Paul should have gone a step farther.... Our own U.S. Govt had something to do with 911. It was an inside job. Or I suppose it's reasonable to think a guy sitting in a cave next to his camel, thousands of miles away, was able to get NORAD to stand down and then coordinate a precision, multi-pronged attack that hit 75% of it's targets with pinpoint accuracy, using amateur pilots that could barely fly a piper cub.
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    Re: Michigan GOP leader wants Paul barred from future debate

    Problem is, a vast number of the sheeple don't want to hear the Truth in any form. It's far easier to believe whatever the Lie of the Week may be .... and their belief ensures the government pablum keeps being spooned into their greedy little mouths.

    Sadly, Paul and his supporters may be too small in numbers and popularity to make any difference in this vast pre-school we call the United States.

    I hope different - we need someone who speaks his mind and knows what Truth is to paddle some apathetic ass.

  6. Tango3

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    Re: Michigan GOP leader wants Paul barred from future debate

    Talk radio has written paul and his supporters off as immediate "kooks" when anyone calls in.

    " libertarian" also seems to have become a dirty word.
    "Here's phil from dallas"
    " our goverment knew 911 was going to hAPPEN AND LET IT HAPPEN.!!".
    "Your a libertarian arent you phil"???
    People won't even entertain the idea the US could ever possibly be wrong.
    Great letter clyde we get cals from the wi republican party all the time( we donated once during the clinton years) Next time they call I'm gonna tell them to get p get back to me after they read the constitution.
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