Micro-grid technology in remote (bush) Alaska

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    Alaska's rural energy microgrids offer a prototype for powering the world -- Alaska's rural energy microgrids offer a prototype for powering the world

    Kodiak Ak microgrid - Kodiak Alaska Microgrid | Microgrid Projects 99.9% reliable.

    Even Anchorage is into microgrid tech - Microgrid system to stabilize grid power in Alaska

    It's true, a lot of rural Alaska communities have set up microgrids and actually save the end-user some real money. Two things to remember -
    the cost per KwH here in rural Alaska is obscene and
    the FedGov has dumped over a Billion (yes, b as in billion) dollars worth of pork into the State for microgrid studies, building microgrids and for technology to improve 'efficiency' of existing grid / distribution systems.

    (use Alaska and microgrid as search terms and see the massive number of articles on remote villages use of both microgrid tech and allied technology - like in-home thermal storage.

    While much of this sounds modern and high tech, early adopters of wind turbines have used some of this tech on a localized basis for a long time.
    Have extra wind power? Dump it into electric heaters encased in massive masonry shells. Not real high tech, but not common either.

    May be worth your time to work thru the microgrid adjunct technology if you are planning to go fully off-grid.

    If you live a really rural area where power is iffy - looking at microgrid setup may provide a better electric supply to your home.

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